Again, the long-awaited completion of this book owes as much to the support of the faceless denizens of the net as to my own will to finish. I hope I didn’t let you down! 

There are so many people to thank, particularly the innumerable people who sent me minor corrections here and there, as well as those who carefully edited entire chapters or sections: process: Paul, Jim B. , Darryl, Brad, Tarton, and Kevin, in particular. A great thanks to a user of my site, JetSonic, who wrote the back cover blurb for this book! 

Again a very special thanks goes out to three people who did a lot of the heavy lifting. Terry Thornsley has continued to help me establish my presence on the web and has always encouraged me to be more public with my writing; furthermore he has offered a lot of assistance as a sympathetic reader and someone to bounce ideas off of. Mary, MommaB, has remained a friend and read chapters for me on short notice more often than I care to admit. And then there’s Cody, who made the ending of this book bloodier and sadder than I intended. And truth be told I’m not sure he didn’t want more blood.