7 Terrifying Visitations

A couple of hours passed before a call interrupted Tom. “Tom Corman,” he answered.

“Hi, professor … uhm Tom. It’s Billy. Could I talk to Peter?”

“Sure, hold on a minute!” Tom walked down to Peter’s room and knocked on the door.

“Yeah?” Peter said.

“Phone for you!” Placing his hand over the receiver, Tom whispered, “That didn’t take long!” Then he excused himself to plan out dinner, a quick tray of lasagna.

In the living room, he found David chatting online with Catherine Peabody, from Saint George’s. “Smell’s good, Tom!” the boy said.

“Thanks! I’m going back to work for a while, but if it smells like it’s overcooking, pull it out. It’ll mean I got lost in something or other,” Tom said with a laugh.

“When will it be done?” David asked.

“About forty-five minutes or so – when the cheese starts to brown,” Tom instructed.

“I’ll keep an eye on it!” David proclaimed.

Tom ruffled his hair and went back to work. He was just finishing up when David knocked. “It’s ready! I put it on the stove and Peter’s setting the table!”

“Thanks, bud!” Tom smiled up, rising to follow David back to the dining room. Half-way through dinner, Aiden joined them and filled them in on the progress of the case against their family. When they arrested Carter, they found all sorts of illegal stuff, from computers and tapes full of child porn to drugs, so he was done for. The mother would be the hard case, because she’d say she didn’t know anything. The boys would have to testify.

When they finished eating, Aiden and David did the dishes and Peter pulled Tom aside. “So, Billy called to see if it was alright if he came over tonight. I said okay, but I can still….”

“It’s okay, Peter! Billy’s a nice boy. But remember that you’re not clear yet on your STD tests, and you don’t know Billy’s status, so be careful … if things happen,” Tom instructed.

Peter blushed and whispered, “We’re not jumping into bed, tonight – I don’t even know if he’s gay – but I promise we’ll be safe, when and if.”

“Good,” Tom smiled. “I don’t think you have to worry about him being gay!”

Peter blushed, and Tom laughed, walking over to the kitchen and sidling up behind Aiden. He laid his head on the man’s shoulder blade and sighed, smiling.

“Get a room,” David said, rolling his eyes and laughing as he finished. The two men went and curled up on the couch together in front of the TV and couldn’t find anything, so when David joined them, Tom tossed him the remote.

David picked an action movie and Tom laid his head on Aiden’s chest, while David put his feet up. Soon, the bell rang and Peter ran from his room. “Hey Billy,” he said, answering the door. “Come on in!” Tom made a conscious effort not to move when Peter brought the boy into the living room. “Billy, this is my little brother David,” Peter said. “You know Tom, and this is Aiden.” Tom winked at Billy and Aiden waved apologetically for not getting up.

“You guys are welcome to join us. There’s also a rec room on the third floor with a TV and a pool table. Help yourselves to the kitchen, but no alcohol, if you’re driving!” Tom said.

“He means, at all,” Aiden added with a wink. “Cop, remember?”

“Alright, Dirty Harry,” Tom said.

Billy and Peter looked at each other and then the stairs. They grabbed drinks and headed for the rec room for some getting to know you time.

When the movie was over, Tom gently suggested, “You have a test tomorrow, David.”

“Yeah,” David said with a yawn. “See you in the morning.”

“Night,” Aiden added. When the boy was out of earshot, Aiden rolled over and kissed Tom. When Aiden’s hands slipped beneath Tom’s shirt, they hurried into the bedroom.

After a roll in the sack, as they lay there cuddling, Tom filled Aiden in on his trip to Saint George’s. “The headmaster and I are old friends. He invited us all for dinner soon.”

“That’s nice! Saint George’s is a great school. David’s lucky,” Aiden smiled, kissing him.

“Not up ‘til now, which I want to make up for,” Tom said.

“You’re a saint,” Aiden charged with a cheeky grin.

“Hardly! You know I said that I’d only been with three guys? One is you, one is Jamie, and the third is Alasdair,” Tom said.

“What?” Aiden asked with a laugh. Tom explained how they’d gotten together in Paris, Alasdair, the sexually adventurous bi-curious guy, Tom the scared, introverted gay.

“I might have fallen in love, but he could never be into just me. There’d always be some woman! It kept my feet on the ground. We had a hell of a time, though,” Tom explained.

“Maybe I should be jealous?” Aiden asked, mock seriously.

“Alasdair and I share a hot history, but it’s all history. You and I can have something stronger,” Tom said, squeezing him tight.

Aiden rolled Tom onto his back, climbing between his legs and kissing him as he slid in a second time. This time, they made love long and slow, an intense passion expressed in their kisses and whimpers and caresses. When they were both drained and exhausted, they took a quick rinse in the shower, and Tom put on his robe and padded out to get them drinks, where he bumped into Billy.

Billy was transfixed by the sight of Tom in his short silk robe, but soon came to his senses and just smiled. Tom grabbed a couple of cans. “Having fun?” Tom asked casually.

“Peter’s really nice,” Billy said with a grin.

“You know, he’s been through a lot. Take things slow,” Tom said, and Billy looked like he was going to deny something, but then just nodded. “I don’t care who knows about me, but I do try to keep a low profile around campus, so….”

“My lips are sealed,” Billy said. “What am I going to say? I saw the prof with his boyfriend while I was getting to know this guy I kinda like? Probably not!”

Tom smiled sweetly at the naivety. “If you weren’t honest, you could lie about it … like you were delivering food or something.”

“I’d never do that, Tom,” Billy said.

“That’s why I like you, Billy. Now hurry back upstairs! If you want to stay, you’re welcome. It’s getting late, so pick a room, or whatever,” Tom offered.

When Tom returned, Aiden asked, “What took so long?”

“Bumped into Billy. We had a few things we needed to discuss,” Tom explained.

“Protecting your pups?” Aiden teased.

“I guess,” Tom said with a huff. “I told him it was getting late and he was welcome to stay, and to pick any room.”

“I wonder which one that will be?” Aiden said with a wink.

Tom smacked his arm but admitted, “Of course! I just hope they’ll take it slow.”

“Like us?” Aiden asked with smoldering grin.

“We’re different!” Tom said.

“You don’t know that!” Aiden replied. “Maybe they’re perfect for each other, too!”

Tom rolled over to face Aiden and smiled. “You think we’re perfect for each other?” He teased, “You’re in love, aren’t you!”

Aiden reached out and swept his hand through Tom’s hair. “Madly!”

Tom was taken aback for a moment by the honesty of the simple act. “Aiden, I think I love you, too,” he whispered, burying his face in the man’s neck.

“What’s wrong?” Aiden asked.

“I never thought I’d be able to say that to someone else,” Tom revealed. Aiden smiled, drawing Tom into his embrace, which lulled Tom to sleep shortly.

Morning soon took Aiden away from him, but Tom could work from home. He dropped David at Saint George’s shortly after school started, for his testing, with a promise to return at 2:30. Returning home, Tom found Billy and Peter just stirring. “Have fun, boys?”

Peter blushed, but Billy smiled and nodded. “We just talked most of the night,” Billy said.

“It’s not my business,” Tom said, putting his hand up. “Just promise that you’ll be safe?” They both nodded, and he made them some eggs, before Billy ran home to get ready for class. Later, Peter joined Tom in his office to read.

After a while, Peter spoke up, “Thanks for caring, Tom! It makes a difference: I probably would have had sex with Billy, if it wasn’t for worrying about what you’d think. Things will work out better if we take it slow.” Tom nodded, and Peter smiled. A little later, Peter asked, “Where do you think I can get a job that won’t interfere with college?”

“I don’t know. Let me think on it,” Tom said. “Don’t worry about it much, in the meantime! If there’s something you’re needing, or wanting, just let me know.”

Guiltily, Peter asked, “Do you think I could get a phone and a TV for my room?”

“Let’s do that this weekend! I also want to get you and your brother cell phones. We need to be able to stay in touch, and the ladies will need a convenient way of getting in touch with David,” Tom said with a laugh.

Rachael called a few minute before they had to leave. “Hello, Tom! Alasdair said you’d come by Saint George’s. We’d love to have you and the boys over for dinner this weekend!”

“Aiden will have classes, but I’ll talk to him, Peter, and David. Speaking of, David’s testing should be over, so we’re off to pick him up,” Tom said, excusing himself.

“Right-o! Let me know!” the woman said, and he could hear her smile.

“Will do! And Rachael, congratulations!” Tom added.

“Thanks Tom,” she said. Talk to you soon!”

“Bye,” Tom said, hanging up. He asked Peter, “You want to come?”

“Are you coming right back?” Peter asked.

“Yeah,” Tom answered.

“I’ll just hang out here, then, if you don’t mind?” Peter replied.

Tom nodded and said, “Be back soon!”

At Saint George’s, Tom found David in the office waiting. “So, how did it go?”

“They’re going over it now. You want to wait and see?” David asked nervously.

“Sure!” Tom said. A few minutes later, Alasdair emerged from his office.

“You’ve done exceptionally, David!” Alasdair reported. “Can you start on Monday?”

Tom nodded, patting David’s back, and said, “Great! We’ll see you this weekend!”

The man nodded with a smile and waved goodbye, stepping back into his office. “So how well did I do?” David asked the test administrator.

“Ninety four percent,” the man said with a smile, “and the average student we accept scores between seventy-eight and eighty-four! Congratulations!”

“Wow!” Tom exclaimed. “Very impressive!” As they were getting home, Tom asked, “Is there something you’d like to do to celebrate?”

“Nah!” David said. “It was nothing, really.”

“Believe me, it is something! It’ll earn you at least a partial scholarship. Tuition at Saint George’s is about $20,000 a year!”

“Oh, wow! You were going to pay it?” David asked.

“Of course I was! David, I want to help make up for all you went through with your parents and your brother. I can’t undo what’s been done, but I can make the future better!” Tom said. The tough-looking teen leaned across and gave him a long and sincere hug.

“Well, there is one thing,” David said with a smile. “I’d like to call Catherine and ask her out on a date this weekend but….”

“You don’t have a car or any money?” Tom asked with a laugh. The boy nodded, and Tom asked, “Do you have a license?” The boy nodded, pulling it out. “Alright, ask her out, and I’ll let you borrow the car and give you a little money, but let me know which night it is ASAP. Dr. Franklin’s wife invited us for dinner and I need to let her know!” The boy surprised him again by reprising the hug and giving him a quick peck on the cheek, beaming as he burst from the car, no doubt to grab the phone.

Inside, Tom returned to his desk, and Peter commented, “He sounds happy!”

“He passed the test with flying colors, so I promised him he could borrow the car to take his admirer on a date this weekend,” Tom explained. “By the way, the headmaster’s wife has invited us for dinner this weekend as well.”

Peter smiled over at the man who was so casually integrating them into his life and doing so much for them. “Thank you! David’s never had a normal life.”

Tom smirked and said, “And he’s not likely to get one here, living as a straight guy with three gay men, one of whom is a wizard, in an old Victorian mansion while attending an elite private school. But you’re welcome!”

That night, Tom and Aiden were awakened by screams. Aiden pulled on his shorts, and Tom grabbed his robe as they set off in search of the noise. Peter burst from his room in shock, so they all knew it was David, whose door wouldn’t budge.

“Turn your eyes away,” Tom warned, putting his hand on the knob and concentrating until the door blew open in a burst of light. A dark figure loomed outside the window and laughed as Tom rushed into the room. David was writhing agonizingly on the bed.

Tom tried to shake him, “David, it’s just a dream! Wake up!”

The boy wasn’t responding, so Tom told the other men to join him around the bed and instructed them to put their hands on him and think loving thoughts. Gradually, the boy stopped struggling, and Tom could wake him up.

David shot up and hugged Peter, tears pouring from his eyes. “It was here!”

“Outside,” Tom assured him, “It could never come in here!”

“You’re sure?” David asked and Tom nodded. “What about school?”

“It thrives in darkness: It’s least powerful in the day. In the evenings and night, there could be danger during extracurriculars, so I’ll work on some protective charms you can carry. Alasdair will have put wards all over campus, and he’ll keep a protective eye on you.”

The boy lay back on the bed, and Aiden asked, “Are you going to be alright, buddy?”

David nodded, but didn’t look too sure of himself. Tom put an extra ward on the window, and they all went back to bed. Tom was nearly asleep when he heard a very hesitant knock on the door of his room. “Yeah?” he called.

“Are you decent?” David asked.

Tom laughed. They both still had shorts on. “Yeah, David, come on in!” Tom turned on the lamp on his nightstand, and David walked over and sat down.

“I … can’t sleep,” David said.

“I’m sorry,” Tom said, grabbing his hand.

“I … this is embarrassing. I’m too afraid to be alone,” David confessed. It actually made Tom tear up, given David’s life story, that he had the courage to ask.

“Sorry, my mind is a little cloudy,” Tom said, sliding over and lifting the sheet. Hesitantly, David lay down, and Tom rolled onto his back. A few minutes later, David scooted over next to him and put an arm over his chest, and Tom felt him fall asleep. With a little laugh, Tom wondered if Aiden would be surprised in the morning.

When Tom woke up he found Aiden propped up on his elbow staring at them, David still in his arms. “What?” Tom asked.

“Everybody expects their kids to crawl into bed with them at some point,” Aiden said, barely stifling his laughter, “and as cute as that is, this is kind of extreme!”

Tom laughed softly. “Not in these circumstances!” Tom chided.

Aiden nodded with a smile and put a hand on David’s bare shoulder. “David, buddy, it’s time to wake up,” he said softly, and the boy looked up from Tom’s chest and rubbed his eyes. He squeezed Tom a little and said, “Thanks, guys. I needed some rest!” With that, David got up and headed for his room to find some clothes.

Peter and David stayed home on Friday, while Tom taught and caught up on some departmental work. After Tom got home, they drove out to the county courthouse so Tom could meet with Judge Rita Tucker, who gave him a thick sealed envelope.

“Anything you have to offer, Tom,” she said, hopeful.

“I’ll do what I can,” Tom said. “Oh, I need to take David to get clothes and things.” 

“I’ll call for a police escort,” she said. Shortly, they were following a police cruiser out to the secluded family home. One of the officers went with the brothers to David’s room, while the other showed Tom the secret room. He looked around the little dungeon before storming out in disgust. He knew ten ways to cast spells more powerful than this total waste of life force. Something wasn’t quite right, either, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Tom felt drawn to the back yard and stepped outside, the young officer on his heels. A swing-set sat long unused in the far corner of the property, and little grass grew around it. A shed lurked menacingly a few feet away.

“Did officers search the shed?” Tom asked the policeman, who did not know, but his commander confirmed that they had by radio. Tom walked to the little shed and opened the door. The air was stale, but there was a hint of … what? David was finished, having packed a book-bag and a duffle full, leaving most of his things, he hoped, forever.

“Tom, are you alright?” David called from the back door. Tom motioned for him to come outside, and David dropped his bag and approached, stopping short of the building. “Did you ever come in here alone, David?”

“Nobody did. It was off limits!” David said shakily. “But once, I saw dad take a girl in.”

Tom put a hand on his head and pulled him into a half-hug. “I think we need to get back to the sheriff’s office!” On the way back, Tom let Peter drive so he could examine the photos from the envelop. The pictures of a boy about ten found near a road in this very area of nowhere. The marks on his ankles and wrists were vulgar on the sweet, fresh-faced boy.