5 Wicked Things

Aiden found Tom at the hospital in the morning. “Tom,” he whispered. “Tom!”

Tom woke up groggy and feeling grungy. Once oriented, he smiled up into the beautiful face. “Hi, sweetheart,” he whispered, causing Aiden’s stomach to flutter.

“Hey, babe! I figured I’d find you here!  You were here all night?” Aiden asked.

“Yeah,” Tom answered.

“What happened?” Aiden asked, and Tom filled him in and leaving nothing out. Aiden’s face drained of blood. He wouldn’t have believed it, no matter how much he liked Tom, except he had heard the voice. Even now, he could see doubting that.

“Are you alright?” Aiden asked, at last.

“Fine. Worried about your reaction,” Tom said.

“I’m a cop! I’m in danger all the time!” Aiden declared boldly.

“Ever been threatened by a cosmic superpower?” Tom challenged.

“No, but I’ve been bitch-slapped by a tranny hooker, which is pretty scary,” Aiden responded, trying humor to bolster himself. Carefully disentangling himself from Peter, Tom pulled out a powerful talisman, an apparently worthless trinket picked up in Paris.

“Aiden, please always carry this on you, wear it, until I can find something stronger?” Tom asked, handing the little pendant on a silver chain to the man.

“What is it?” Aiden asked.

“It is the single most powerful ward I’ve ever come across. Please, promise you’ll wear it everywhere, even in the shower, even at the precinct?” Tom asked again.

“Alright,” the man said, sighing for effect. Secretly, he felt better wearing it. “I’ve got to go to my class. You be careful!”

“You too,” Tom said, before Aiden rushed off. Tom only left the hospital to shower, change, and grab a cheap, plastic chess set. That evening, Tom was alert as he made his way home, but, for the first time in weeks, he could not feel a trace of the presence. He didn’t know whether to be relieved or terrified by that.

Monday, Tom packed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt for Peter to leave the hospital in, then grabbed his bag and headed to campus.

At lunch, Walt stuck his head in on Tom. “So, is Peter still coming home with you?”

“Today, actually,” Tom answered, looking up from his book.   

“Well, good, I suppose. The university will award him 70% next semester and bump it up if he gets good grades, but I doubt that’s a worry,” Walt said.

“Certainly not among our top worries at the moment,” Tom replied.

“Oh?” Walt asked, concerned. “Complications?”

“You might say that,” Tom replied. “There’s a younger brother who’s being abused. Aiden is working on a warrant, and I’m going to help Peter get custody of his brother.”

“Well, I suppose since they’d both be living with you, that will improve his chances. How do you feel about all this, Tom?” Walt asked.

“It’s a lot,” he said with a sigh, but he shrugged. “But I’m not going to turn my back.”

The man nodded somewhat grimly, before breaking into a smile, “Aiden was a big hit! Martha can’t stop talking about him. You’d think we didn’t have enough sons.”

Tom laughed and said, “I know, it’s kind of scary how quickly I’ve….”

“Martha and I dated six weeks before I asked her to marry me,” Walt reminded him.

“I know, Walt. You just never expect it to happen, much less twice,” Tom said.

Walt stood to go, but before he left said, “Don’t miss out because you’re scared.”

Tom smiled and went back to work. He decided to pack up a little early and head over to the hospital, where he found a much more upbeat Peter dressed and ready.

“You’re early,” the younger man said with an excited smile.

“Let’s get you out of here!” Tom said when the doctor came in smiling.

“Well, my boy, you’re doing better than anyone expected! We just need to get some information before you can be discharged.” Peter answered what he could, and Tom told them to send the bills to his address. They could negotiate payment later. After about an hour, Peter climbed into the front seat of Tom’s car and they were off.

“How about we head to the mall for food and a few changes of clothes?” Tom asked.

“The food sounds good but I can’t,” Peter began.

“Of course you can! You can’t very well do anything – go to school, get a job or anything else – without clothes!” Peter nodded and they drove off to the nearby mall.

At the food court, Peter chose TGI Friday’s and ate like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, Tom took him down to the Macy’s and found a clerk to help Peter pick a small wardrobe. Tom suggested Peter not get too many things, because he would bulk up a bit when he was eating regularly. In proper clothes, Peter was so much cuter, and the clerk, a young man named Dustin, was definitely smitten. Dustin kept looking at Tom jealously, so Tom made some comment about helping his ‘brother’ out to lighten him up.

When they checked out, Tom handed over his credit card. While Dustin it processed, Dustin took a Macy’s calling card and wrote his name and number on the back. Handing it to Peter, he said, “If you need anything else, let me know. My cell’s on the back, too,” he added nervously. As they left, Peter caught Dustin watching him walk away.

“I think he likes you,” Tom said with a laugh.

Peter giggled cutely. “It’s been awhile since I got any attention from anyone but dirty old men and street types.” Then Peter grinned and said, with a smirk, “No offense!”

“Hey!” Tom protested, pulling him into a mock headlock.

On the way home, they picked up a few prescriptions for Peter, and soon they pulled up in front of Tom’s place. “Wow!”

“It was my grandparents’,” Tom explained. He led Peter to a guest bedroom on the ground floor. “When you’re feeling better, you can pick any of the bedrooms. For school you’ll need a computer and all that, but we can see to that later.” Unexpectedly, Tom felt thin arms hug him tightly, and he could feel the young man crying.

“I don’t know how to thank you, Tom,” Peter whispered.

“Just stay focused on the future,” Tom said, patting Peter on the back and retreating to the living room, leaving Peter to rest. Then he called Aiden, who said he’d drop by later.

Tom was sitting in an armchair, grading papers, when Peter came in wearing shorts and a t-shirt. “Do you mind if I watch TV?” Peter asked.

“No, go ahead,” Tom answered, smiling over the top of a paper. Peter put on a comedy and Tom couldn’t help himself. Soon they were both watching, and Aiden found them laughing together when he arrived.

Tom gave Aiden a big hug and a kiss, and whispered, “I missed you!”

“Me too,” Aiden replied. Then, he said more loudly, “I have news. I’m going out to meet the county cops tomorrow and we’re arresting your father and taking your brother into protective custody. Would you two like to ride out, so you can talk to David? He might have to stay with child protective services for a while.”

“Do you think they’ll send him back to my mom? Carter’ll kill him!” Peter exclaimed.

“No, not for a while, anyway. He’s sixteen, so they’ll take his wishes into account. Tom, do you have a lawyer?” Aiden asked.

Tom nodded and picked up the phone, calling a friend of his from college. “Felicia?”

“Yes?” she asked.

“Tom Corman.”

“Well, well! To what do I owe the pleasure, professor?” Felicia asked.

“Give it a rest, Fellatio,” he said, snorting at her of her college nickname, causing Peter and Aiden to giggle. He heard her crack up as well. “It’s a lot to ask, but I have a young friend who needs help. He was in college, but his parents cut him off and kicked him out when he came out. Now it looks as if his sixteen year old brother’s being abused.” He then filled her in on the details and the arrests that were coming.

“Alright, Tom, for you! I’ll meet with both boys out at the jailhouse tomorrow, but you’ll owe me a dinner,” she said laughing.

“Too right,” Tom said, before smiling at Aiden. “You can meet my new boyfriend, too!”

“Oh,” she said, “I thought maybe Peter….”

“Felicia, I’m young, but not that young! We’ll take you out soon,” Tom promised.

“Aiden. Sexy name,” she said with a laugh.

“Perfect fit, then,” Tom retorted.

“See you tomorrow, Tom,” Felicia replied.

“See you then. Love ya,” he concluded.

“You too, bro,” she said with a laugh, and hung up.

After that, the three of them talked and watched TV. At last, however, a question struck Tom, and he asked, “Peter, you’ve twice mentioned that you’re afraid of your other brother. Why?” The boy’s face turned red, and he looked away. “Peter, we’re trying to help!”

“Carter found out I … liked boys when I was in middle school. We shared a room, so it was easy. He had always beaten me, but when he found out, he started raping me. If I fought, he’d beat me, and tell me he knew I liked it. If I didn’t fight, he’d beat me and tell me I was dirty for liking it. He threatened to kill me if I told, and I believed him! After I got out, I got cocky. I never though Carter was so sick that it might not matter whether David was gay or not,” Peter said in a rush.

“You think that he’s hurt David?” Aiden asked.

“I don’t know. Carter doesn’t live there anymore, but my parents leave him in charge,” Peter reported.

“Shit,” Aiden said. “When was the last time Carter forced himself on you?”

“May, before I left for college. He’s so much stronger than me,” Peter said, eager to explain how it continued to happen.

“In the last five years, how many times do you think he raped you?” Aiden asked.

“Hundreds? When we shared a room, he did it a few times a week,” Peter said, unable to look the young cop in the eyes. Tom and Aiden could see the shame on his face.

Tom moved and wrapped an arm around Peter, drawing him into his chest. “We’ll get him, we’ll get them, and we’ll do our best to get your brother the help he needs.”

Peter just cried in Tom’s arms, and eventually the two men helped Peter to his new bed and wished him good night. Back into the living room, Aiden embraced Tom, as they sat on the couch. “Those two are going to need a lot of help, Tom!”

“I know,” Tom said, with a heavy sigh. “Thanks for all you’re doing.”

“I’d do anything for you,” Aiden whispered, causing Tom to smile.

“How about a massage?” Tom asked.

Aiden winked and nodded toward the bedroom. “Strip!”

Laughing and giggling, they made their way into the bedroom, stripping on the way. Tom collapsed face down on the bed, and the hunky cop straddled his back and began kneading the tight muscles of Tom’s shoulders and back, working his way down. Tom felt the man hardening between his ass cheeks and smiled, gently humping back into Aiden. Aiden kissed Tom’s neck and nibbled his ear, before whispering, “You want it?”

“God, yes, please,” Tom begged, and he felt Aiden slipping between his legs, lifting his hips into position, then burrowing into his ass with his tongue. As soon as it was good and wet, Aiden placed his cock head at the tight hole and began to press. Tom relaxed and Aiden slipped in relatively quickly, prompting Tom to growl, “Harder!” They were both exhausted, but Aiden pounded him hard and fast until he collapsed onto Tom’s back, firing hot cum deep inside of him. Aiden could feel Tom’s own orgasm squeezing the last drops from him as they both fell onto their sides and fell asleep, never even separating.

The next morning they emerged from the master suite laughing in each other’s’ arms. Peter smiled wistfully from the couch, where he sat wrapped in a blanket. “Morning, guys!”

The fear in Peter’s face revealed his deepening anxiety. “Morning, Peter,” Aiden said, patting him on the shoulder and giving him a quick squeeze of reassurance. He recognized Peter’s look from the station – that of a victim coming to give a statement he wasn’t sure he was ready to give. “I’m making breakfast. Why don’t you get dressed? We’ll need to head out soon.” Aiden whipped up a simple breakfast of eggs and toast in Tom’s kitchen while the man looked on, amused. “What?”

“You’re looking very domestic,” Tom said with a smile. Aiden winked and plated breakfast, which they ate quickly.

The silent ride to the county sheriff’s office took a while. Peter still wondered whether he was doing the right thing, while Tom was pondering a whole host of problems. Would the demon allow them to get the boy away? Could they get the boy placed in their care?

When they pulled up out front of a country police office, a burly older man walked out to meet them, extending a hand to Aiden with a smile. “Aiden, how’ve you been?”

“Not too bad, not too bad at all!” Aiden answered, “How’s it going, Carl?”

“Well, my daughter is starting to date, so her mother and I are pulling our hair out! Otherwise, no complaints! So we’re all ready to go, but what are we doing with the boy?”

“We’ll know more when you talk to him, but I think the other brother might have molested him, as he did Peter,” Aiden explained. “We’ll be getting an arrest warrant for him as soon as we get confirmation from David. That just leaves his brother, Peter.”

“How old are you, Peter?” Carl asked.

“Nineteen,” Peter responded.

Carl looked deep in thought. “You got a lawyer?”

“Yes, he does,” a woman’s voice intruded. Felicia hugged Tom and took over. “We’ll motion in family court for emergency custody.”

“Well, you get on that, ma’am,” Carl smiled. “You want to ride along … in a purely observational capacity, Aiden?”

Aiden smiled at Tom, who nodded. Before the cops left, Tom pulled Aiden aside. “Look for hidden rooms, secret panels: Ritual abuse will go over well out here,” Tom whispered.

“Will do,” Aiden said, looking desperately like he wanted to kiss Tom. Then he ran outside to catch a ride.

“Ouch,” Felicia said, as she watched him go. “You guys are hot like napalm!” Tom laughed and gave her another hug.

“Go talk to Peter,” Tom said. “Can you get before a judge, today?”

“This morning, actually! I know the clerk, and the judge in family court is a real mother bear about these things. She’ll be open to hearing David’s wishes,” Felicia explained.

With that, Tom was left to wait, as Peter and Felicia got to business. Tom decided to read, taking a break only to answer a phone call and update Walt.

Meanwhile, a small swarm of police officers descended on Peter’s former home. Jim Dawson, the father, looked as if he were expecting them, and he went without any resistance. Mary Dawson, however, followed the police around sniping at them. Aiden watched her carefully and slowly a smile spread across his lips.

“What are you smiling at, faggot?” the woman spat, venomously.

“How did you know?” he asked her with a smile. “What’s in that closet you don’t want us to find? You’ve been standing in front of that door a lot….”

She began to sputter but Carl brushed past her. The closet was small and if it wasn’t for Aiden’s help he never would have found the small trap door to a secret room. The police photographer carefully documented the cross mounted to the far wall, shackles dangling obscenely and blood spattered around. David’s mother was arrested immediately. There was no way she hadn’t heard the screams.

David was then escorted to a police cruiser. Though big for his age, David looked small as the officers escorted him. Aiden got in the back with David, who cringed at the sight of him. David’s curly blond hair and steel grey eyes, only a few shades darker than Peter’s, confirmed their relation. “David, don’t worry! Peter’s waiting for us with my friend Tom.”

“Tom,” the boy said as if it meant something to him, and he smiled.

“What?” Aiden asked.

“My dad’s afraid of Tom. Not my mom, but dad, for sure!” It made David.

“David, you’re going to have to talk to a judge today, and tell them where you want to live. You can go with your mother if they release her, you can go to a foster home, or you can come home with Peter,” Aiden explained.

“Peter!” David answered without hesitation.

“I know, but you need to know that Tom is gay too,” Aiden explained. “They aren’t together, and Tom would never hurt you, but you need to know to decide whether you want to live with us.”

The boy’s eyes widened, “You?”

Aiden nodded with a smile. “Don’t look so shocked!”

“I just never knew any gays besides Peter! I love Peter; he always looked out for me. He’s the only one who understands. If he says you guys are alright, that’s good enough for me! More women for me, anyway,” he said with a weak but cheeky grin.

The police left an investigative unit behind to sort through everything, and the Dawsons were brought back to the station. When the door was opened, David ran to his brother, weeping. “They said you’d be dead!”

“It tried,” Peter whispered, “but Tom brought me back. And saved me again.”

“Dad’s really freaked out by him!” David exclaimed. “Can I stay with you guys?”

“This is Felicia, a friend of Tom’s. She’s trying to help us out. You need to talk to her,” Peter said. Meanwhile, Aiden filled Tom in on what they had found. After a long conversation, Felicia beckoned for them to follow her across to the little courthouse, where they were ushered into a small courtroom.

Judge Rita Tucker heard statements from the two boys and the two men, before ruling, “I am temporarily placing the minor, David Dawson, in the care of his brother Peter Dawson, until a full hearing can be arranged. At that time, we will revisit the issue.” With that, she banged her gavel and whispered to her bailiff before exiting.