3 The Beginning of Something Good

Back home, Tom called Aiden’s cell, but got no answer. “Hi, Aiden, its Tom. I missed you this evening at the hospital. Anyway, give me a call when you get a chance.” 

After a quick dinner of barbecue chicken and baked potato, Tom refilled his wine glass and grabbed a book. He was curled up on the couch reading when a knock on the door roused him. Opening the door, he found Aiden waiting patiently. 

“Aiden,” Tom said a little too excitedly, “come in!” He took the man’s coat. “I called you and left a message a little while ago.” 

Grinning, Aiden said, “I got your message, just thought I’d stop by on my way home. I missed seeing you, too!” 

“Listen,” Tom asked, taking Aiden’s coat before leading the way to the kitchen, “what’s your work schedule like on Friday? Would you like beer? Wine?” 

“Beer, thanks! Uhm, let’s see, I’m off on Friday – all weekend, actually – but I have a seminar this weekend, for my graduate program. Why?” 

“Well, my book is getting published, and my department chair is hosting a dinner to celebrate. I was instructed to bring someone,” Tom said. 

“And I’m the only someone you know?” Aiden teased. 

Tom’s face showed a very serious expression. “You’re the person I want to be there with,” he said, taking Aiden’s hand. “I’ve had enough of both time and thinking, Aiden. I’m just scared!” Tom leaned in and stroked Aiden’s cheek with his thumb before kissing the man softly on the lips. Aiden wrapped an arm around him and kissed him more aggressively. 

When they parted, Aiden was smiling brightly, “God, you’re amazing, doc!” Tom laughed and rolled his eyes. “I’m serious!” 

“I know you are,” Tom said, “but I just don’t know why!” 

Aiden shook his head and led Tom to the couch, where they cuddled up and talked. Tom gave Aiden a rundown on his life history, which was really a litany of tragedies. Tom’s mother died when he was nine, his father the year he went off to college, his grandmother when he was twenty-two. The house he inhabited was her Victorian mansion: eight bedrooms, five baths, massive library, formal dining room and sitting room, yadda yadda. He still kept his parents’ townhome in Chicago, as well. His inheritance was more than enough to cover his education and the upkeep of the two homes, and to make him comfortable without his employment. But it meant he was largely alone in the world. 

Aiden, meanwhile, had two older brothers and two younger sisters. His was a large Catholic family, of the Irish persuasion. His dad was a cop and his oldest brother was a detective, both in Memphis. His other brother was a prosecutor with the US Attorney in New Orleans. One of his sisters was in college to be a teacher and the other was in nursing school studying to be an RN. Aiden had come out to his family when he was sixteen. His dad did not take it well, but did some research and talked to the department shrink, who helped him see that his son was still the same boy he’d always been. He’d just turned seventeen when his dad offered him a humorous quip, ‘At least you’re not a queen,’ by way of acceptance. All of his brothers and sisters had accepted him completely. When he got jumped at school, his brother, a senior, had made a lesson of the guys who’d done it. 

Aiden was also out at the force, for the most part, and he was not treated badly. A small support group and legal counsel for gay cops had improved their situation over the years. He was getting his graduate degree and hoped to be the youngest detective in the department’s major crimes unit, or maybe to work for a federal agency if that didn’t work out. 

“It’s getting late,” Aiden said, at last.  

“Mmmm,” Tom groaned in protest, feeling the man’s chest radiating against his back, the warm arms wrapped around him. Tom laid his head back onto Aiden’s shoulder and said, “It’s just, being here with you is so nice….” 

Aiden smiled and squeezed him tighter. “I could stay, but….” 

“It’s a little too early for that?” Tom asked. 

“No, I just don’t know if I could control myself,” Aiden laughed.  

Tom laughed and rolled over on top of him and kissed him, running a hand down the man’s chest and side to his waist. “Alright! Tomorrow’s Thursday, will I see you?” 

Aiden laughed, “Unless you tell me otherwise! I get off earlier tomorrow, around five. We could have dinner?” 

“I promised Peter I’d drop by tomorrow evening. Can you come by the hospital and pick me up, say hi to him?” Tom asked. 

“Sure! It’s a date,” he said. 

“A date, huh?” Tom thought it sounded funny even as he said it. He gave Aiden another kiss, before climbing off and leading the man to the door.  

Aiden embraced him again, and whispered, “Why is it so hard to leave? We just met!” 

“I don’t know, but I’m glad!” Tom said. “See you tomorrow!” 

“Tomorrow.” Tom couldn’t help but watch the man’s ass as he walked away and smile. 

The next morning, Tom went through his routine with a little more pep in his step. He dressed down since he wasn’t teaching and set off for campus on foot. He waved at a few neighbors and said hello to a few students he passed as he walked to the hospital. 

“Good morning, Peter!” Tom said with a smile as he arrived. 

“You’re chipper, doc! What’s up?” Peter asked, 

Tom looked at him and, a little out of character, answered the young man’s question. “If you must know, I have a date tonight!” 

The boy’s face lit up. “I bet it’s a hot little number in a polyester costume, huh?” 

Tom blushed cutely, and said, “Its a uniform, not a costume!” 

“Cool! Aiden’s nice for a cop,” Peter said. 

“Aiden is nice, period!” Tom replied. 

“By the way, thanks for the books! I’m about halfway through the mystery and I like it,” Peter said. 

“Great,” Tom answered. “I’ll grab a few more from home!” For a while, they talked about books and things, then about getting Peter back into school and what he’d like to study. “Were there any classmates you were friendly with? I could get you a phone and you could have some other company, maybe?” 

“My roommate was a nice enough guy, but I think he’d be freaked out by the gay thing. I never got the chance to get real close to many people.” 

“Alright, well, I have to get to the office. Call me if you need anything; otherwise, I’ll be back around three. Aiden will join us after five.” Peter winked at him and waved, picking his book up. It was amazing how well the boy was looking, given his situation. He had been eating and sleeping well, as opposed to his life on the streets. 

Back at his office, Tom looked in on Walt, who announced, “We’re on for dinner, 7:30 Friday. We need to get a headcount so….” 

“I’m plus one, Walt,” Tom said with a shrug. “But I need some advice.” 

“I’ll start charging,” Walt laughed. “Shoot!” Tom filled him in on Peter and what he intended to do. “So you’re going to bring home a boy off the street? I don’t like it.” 

“Could you get a look at his record, application and stuff? If anything red-flags, I promise to reconsider. I’d also like to look into getting him back into school. Is there anybody in financial aid I can talk to? His parents cut him off when he came out to them, and….” Tom could see the fire in Walt’s eyes at that: the man despised fathers who couldn’t hack it.  

“I’ll check into it and get back to you,” Walt said, shooing him out.  

Tom spent the rest of the morning grading, and the first hours of the afternoon working on a chapter of his next book – on the role of medieval mystics in the development of medieval theology. He was just saving his document when the phone rang. “Corman.” 

“Hey, doc,” Peter said, “could you do me a favor?” 

“Sure thing!” Tom replied. 

“I’d kinda like a cheeseburger,” Peter said.  

“I’ll slip by the Burger King and smuggle one in,” Tom said with a smile.  

Twenty minutes later, Peter was unwrapping his burger as Tom put a few books onto his side table. “Listen, Peter, you should know, I am looking into your background. Is there anything you want to tell me?” 

The young man looked at him and shrugged, “You know the embarrassing stuff. Before I got kicked out, I was an honor student and one of the good boys. Well, mostly,” he grinned. 

“Mostly?” Tom asked. 

“There was one guy in high school, who claimed he was straight but curious. We had some pretty nasty times playing in his attic,” Peter reported. 

Tom laughed despite himself. “That wasn’t what I meant! No disciplinary trouble?” 

“No, no! Not that I’d be against getting into some trouble with certain policemen,” he added, bringing the blush back to Tom’s face. 

“Alright! Alright! A friend of mine is pulling strings in financial aid, so I’m hopeful we can put together some funding for you and get you back in January.” 

“That would be so cool, doc!” The young man shook his head. “You know, my mom and dad couldn’t care less and I’m their son, but you’ve known me like a few days, and you’ve saved me twice!” 

“You deserved better, and I can help with that,” Tom said, as if that was an explanation.  

Peter shook his head again, but changed the subject to Tom’s work. He’d seen Tom’s lecture, so he asked a bunch of questions, and Tom found him a very able student. They were still talking about something from Aristotle when Aiden arrived. 

The man smiled at them, looking gorgeous in black pants and a white shirt, his hair immaculately styled. “Doc! Pete! How’s it going?” 

“Just talking philosophy,” Peter said. “Doc tells me I won’t be getting that private frisking I was hoping for.” 

Aiden laughed and said, “Doesn’t look like it. When you’re feeling better, I could introduce you to a couple of cute young recruits if you have a polyester fetish, though.” 

Peter waggled his eyebrows lasciviously and said, “Yes, please!” 

Tom patted Peter on the shoulder. “Down boy!” Then, “See you in the morning?” 

“That’s great. Thanks for keeping me company, doc! Oh, and Aiden?” Peter asked. 

“Yeah, Pete?” Aiden replied. 

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Peter said with a grin. 

As he walked Tom to the door, Aiden turned at the last minute to say, “But that doesn’t rule anything out!” They could hear the young man’s laughter far down the hall.  

Back at his place, Tom changed into dress slacks and a burgundy sweater that hugged his muscles. Then Aiden drove them toward an unknown destination. 

“So, where are we going?” Tom asked. 

“It’s a surprise!” As he drove, Aiden reached over and grabbed Tom’s hand in his own, stroking it with his thumb, after putting on a CD. 

“Mozart?” Tom asked. 

“Good ear, professor! My favorite violin concerto.” Seeing Tom’s surprise, he asked, “What? I was, well am, a bit of an amateur musician myself….” 

“It’s always fascinating what you find out about people,” Tom said with a smile. 

“Surprised?” Aiden asked. 

“Pleasantly,” Tom answered. 

“You know, I’m a lot more than a cop,” Aiden replied a bit sensitively. 

“Aiden, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, of course!” Tom countered. “I know you’re more than a cop! Your kindness and sweetness are not traits I’ve often encountered in policemen. You’re smart and handsome. To be honest, I don’t much think of you as a cop.” 

Aiden squeezed his hand. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so touchy. It’s just, you’re, you know, a genius and all. I guess I kind of expected you to look down at me.” 

“Aiden! I’d never look down at you! Who’s judging whom?” They drove on in silence,  discomfort hanging between them. Finally, Aiden pulled into the parking lot of a beautiful house transformed into a French restaurant. The smells emanating from it were delicious. Aiden hopped from the car and opened Tom’s door, coaxing him out.  

Taking his hands, Aiden looked into Tom’s eyes. “Tom, I am sorry! I … well, since we met, I’ve been so insecure! I guess I didn’t expect you to be so open to me. But that’s about me, and not about you. Tom, can you forgive me and just enjoy dinner?”  

Tom squeezed his hands and kissed him. “You’re too cute to stay mad at,” Tom said.  

Inside, the host seemed confused why two young guys would have requested such a romantic seat until Aiden took Tom’s hand across the table. “Would you gentlemen care for a drink? Your server will be with you momentarily.” 

“Could the sommelier suggest a nice wine to complement dinner?” Aiden asked. 

“Yes, sir,” the man replied, hurrying off. 

Shortly, a pudgy Frenchman arrived and opened a bottle. “Good evening, monsieur. This is the wine I have selected for this evening’s dinner,” he said pouring a bit to taste. 

“Perfect,” Aiden said. 

“Very good, sir. I’ll decant a bottle and have it to you shortly.” 

“This is beautiful, Aiden,” Tom whispered. 

“I remembered you spent a year in Paris, so I thought this would be nice,” Aiden said. 

“It’s so sweet you remembered,” Tom said, eyes watering. They chatted, learning more about each other as the courses began arriving. They ran the gamut of emotions as they discussed some of the formative events in their lives. Finally, desert arrived, and they each also ordered an after-dinner drink. Soon they were feeling overfed and tipsy. Each had another drink, and Aiden paid the bill, asking his waiter to call them a cab. He tipped handsomely, and they left, arm-in-arm, to find the taxi waiting for them. 

“Where to, gents?” the man asked, but before Aiden could speak, Tom gave his address and squeezed Aiden’s hand. When they got inside, Tom went to the kitchen, returning with a bottle of champagne and two flutes. With a nod, he motioned for his bedroom.  

Setting the glasses on the nightstand, he filled their glasses. “Please, don’t think I’m easy,” he laughed, “and you’re not getting any tonight, but if you’d like to spend the night….” 

Taking a drink, Aiden put a hand on Tom’s chest. “I’d like that.” Setting his glass down, Aiden unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a smooth, muscled chest. “But I do think I’ll get more comfortable.” Hanging his shirt off the back of a chair, he removed his shoes and socks, before dropping his pants to reveal toned legs and muscular thighs. Tighty whities hugged his firm ass. Tom’s eyes were wide, and Aiden sauntered over to him, whispering saucily, “Like what you see?” Tom just nodded dumbly. “Well, get your clothes off,” Aiden laughed, lying back on the bed to watch the show, finishing his glass and refilling it. 

Tom pulled his sweater over his head and was delighted to hear Aiden gasp. Aiden could see that Tom was packing nicely, even in his boxers.  

Neither man was a stranger to working out, but there were differences. Aiden’s figure was more tightly muscled and lithe like a swimmer’s, while Tom was built more bulkily but still sleek, like a gymnast. Tom slid into bed next to Aiden and curled up with him, drinking his champagne. Soon they both put their glasses away and gave in a little, making out and petting heavily, but above the belt. Their midsections were rubbing into one another, their cocks pressing together through two pairs of underwear. Gradually, Aiden rolled so he was on top, pinning Tom to the mattress dominantly, which Tom clearly loved. 

“Oh, Aiden,” Tom moaned as Aiden kept his hands secured with one of his own, while caressing Tom’s body with the other, grinding their cocks together. “Aiden, Aiden, I’m going to … oh my God!” 

“Yeah, baby, me too,” Aiden whispered, grunting. 

“So much for not getting any,” Tom said, laughing, when they both came down from their orgasmic high. 

“Not much of any, anyway,” Aiden said. “Wanna share a shower?” 

“Why not, at this point,” Tom said, leading him to the large walk-in shower. They stripped their underwear off and hopped into the warm water. Aiden stepped into Tom and kissed him, grabbing a handful of ass on each side. Then Aiden suggested they wash each other’s backs. Aiden paid extra attention to Tom’s ass again, before giving him a massage on his inner thighs, smiling when he saw the product of his labors, a renewed hard-on.  

Tom lifted Aiden and spun him around, pushing him against the wall like he was going to frisk him. He began washing Aiden’s shoulders, sliding his cock between the man’s tight cheeks, teasing him with his head. As he worked his way down Aiden’s back, Tom’s cock never slipped from between those hot cheeks. The way Aiden was writhing and pressing back into him, Tom thought the man might impale himself. Then Tom got to his knees and massaged the man’s ass and thighs, running a finger across the crevice and tickling the tight pucker. Then he rinsed the man and turned off the water, casually drying himself as if nothing was happening. 

“Hey,” Aiden demanded, as Tom felt a thick, eight inch cock at his ass.  

“Just giving you a taste of your own medicine,” Tom grinned.  

Aiden whispered suggestively, “How about giving me a taste?” before nibbling on Tom’s neck. 

“Ahhh,” Tom moaned, feeling his will slip. Tom turned, and Aiden kissed his way down Tom’s chest and abs. Tom gasped again as Aiden grabbed his balls and closed his mouth over his cock. “Oh God, Aiden! Oh yeah!” Tom ran his fingers through the man’s wet hair, moaning unceasingly, spreading his legs and feeling Aiden’s finger at his hole. Relaxing, Tom let Aiden’s finger inside to find that special place. “Fuck! Shit, I’m gonna….” Aiden didn’t pull off, taking it in his mouth. 

Tom pulled Aiden to his feet and feverishly kissed him. “Aiden, shit, I can’t believe this, but … it’s been so long and after this, I need to feel it!”  

Aiden led Tom back to the bed. “Lay on your belly,” Aiden said, before straddling him and, starting at his shoulders, giving him a very firm massage. Once Tom relaxed, Aiden spread Tom’s legs and grabbed his waist, lifting his backside into the air. Then he licked Tom, rimming his hole aggressively. Slowly, Tom relaxed around his tongue, and Aiden flipped him, sliding a pillow beneath him. 

“Are you ready?” Aiden asked.  

Tom nodded and Aiden pressed against Tom’s hole, until his head slipped in. Tom gasped and grabbed Aiden’s waist, holding him still. Soon, however, Tom relaxed, and Aiden slowly, inch by inch, worked his way in until he bottomed out. Aiden leaned in and kissed Tom greedily until Tom relaxed before beginning to fuck him with long, slow strokes. Tom had a far-away look in his eyes and was moaning incomprehensible things. Aiden nipped at his neck and drew Tom’s attention back into the world. “So good,” Tom moaned. “Harder!” 

Aiden picked up his pace, but Tom grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down to his neck. Aiden began to bite and suck Tom’s muscular neck and was rewarded by Tom squirming and moaning in pleasure, humping up into him. Aiden grabbed Tom by the hair and gently tugged, causing Tom to lift his head so Aiden could get a better angle on his neck. “Feels so good! Oh Aiden, you’re so…. Mmmm, tell me what you want!” 

“I want to make you mine,” Aiden whispered throatily. “Tell me you want me….” 

“I do! Oh Aiden, I want you! I want you inside me!” Tom wrapped his legs around Aiden and pulled him in deeper. “I want every inch of you inside of me….” 

“Yeah, baby, you feel so good!” Aiden growled. 

“Oh Aiden, I need this so bad, just another minute and I’m gonna…. Ungh!” Aiden felt warm sticky liquid shoot between them as Tom’s hole tightened around his cock, triggering his own orgasm. A few minutes later, Aiden slipped out while they were kissing, and they ran to the bathroom to rinse off again, before crawling back into bed and drifting off to the deepest sleep, the most restful Tom had enjoyed in ages.  

Tom awoke with a start the next morning, however, as the bed was empty and he had a moment of panic. His mind raced, ‘Shit, I let him fuck me and he snuck out!’  

A rattling in the kitchen preceded Aiden’s return with a tray of food. “Breakfast in bed!” 

“I’ve got to teach at ten!” Tom answered. 

“Well, eat fast!” Afterwards, Tom took a shower. Aiden joined him shortly and soon had Tom’s upper body pressed against the wall. This time, they fucked fast and furious, Tom begging while Aiden pumped him and sucked on his shoulder. 

Later, they shared the mirror and got ready. Tom even let Aiden use his toothbrush; after all they’d done, it didn’t seem like a problem. “You know,” Tom felt like he had to say, “I am not easy. I’ve never done it on a first date. Hell, you’re only the third guy I’ve….” 

“You’ve gotta be kidding! A fine man like you? I feel special,” Aiden said, laughing sincerely. “I’m not exactly a whore either! It’s been a year since I went out with a guy I liked. I don’t exactly meet many prime catches in my line of work!” 

“Jamie talked me out of my pants on the third date,” Tom said with a laugh. 

“I hope you don’t feel like I took advantage,” Aiden said, looking away.  

“I was going to hold out,” Tom said with a smile, “but you made me need it so desperately! You didn’t take advantage; you’re just the first guy to make that need come alive. I was never going to say no to you; take that however you want.” 

Aiden kissed him. “Knowing that the hottest guy I know feels that way makes me tingly,” he laughed. They finished dressing, and Tom dropped Aiden at his car. They planned to meet up at the hospital in the evening for Walt’s dinner, this time a little earlier so Aiden could visit a minute with Peter. 

“Doc,” Peter said, “I thought you wouldn’t make it!”  

“Of course I made it,” Tom said with a smile. 

“That little pep in your step’s been replaced with a little limp or something…. You go boy!” Peter winked. 

“Peter!” Tom blushed. “That’s not really, well, something I want to talk about.” 

“Sorry, doc,” Peter said, looking away. 

“But you were right, I’m running a little late, just wanted to check in. I’ll be back this afternoon. Aiden’s coming by so you guys can get to know each other a little,” Tom said. 

“Good!” Peter said. “I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot of each other….” 

“I hope so,” Tom said, walking out with a wave. 

Walt caught Tom over the lunch hour to confirm dinner again and let him know what he found out. “Peter has an outstanding record. He should have come to the administration with his troubles. It could have been worked out. With his grades, he’s eligible for some scholarships, and a little from the emergency fund. He can get loans for the rest.” 

“That won’t be necessary,” Tom said. “This boy needs to finish college with a chance to get out from under all this, not get weighed down by debt.”  

“Well, I don’t suppose I can convince you that it’s not your burden, so I won’t bother,” Walt said with a shrug. 

“Thanks, Walt!” Tom smiled. 

After his classes, Tom found Peter in low spirits. “What’s wrong?” he asked the boy. 

“I called my house today. My brother answered and I got to talk to him some. Things are pretty bad; they’re on his case hard. Dad’s been hitting him. Then, my mom caught him on the phone with me and I heard him scream,” Peter reported, tears in his eyes. 

“How old is your brother?” Tom asked. 

“Sixteen last month. It sounded real bad, Tom! Mom got on the phone and told me to keep the fuck away from her son.” Tom hugged Peter tight and stretched out to let the crying teen curl up into him. Aiden found them like that when he arrived.