10 Life

On Thursday night, Felicia came over for dinner with a stack of papers Tom had asked her to prepare. After dinner they all retired to the library so Tom could explain. “First, I asked Felicia to prepare the documents I promised Judge Tucker,” he said as he signed the thick document, then passed it to David and Felicia to countersign. “Second, I had a will drawn up. I never had any family to worry about before. This will leaves this house to Aiden, along with half of my estate, and a quarter each goes to you guys.” Tom signed that document and Felicia witnessed and notarized. Everybody sat there in silence, not sure what to say. “Last, as I have no one to make decisions for me in case of emergency, I am assigning those rights to Aiden. I’m sorry to bring up so much heavy stuff, but I need to make sure we are all taken care of, especially with such potentially dangerous times on the horizon.” Felicia knew better than to ask and just put the documents back into her briefcase.

When they were alone that night, Aiden crawled into bed and whispered, “Tom?”

“Hmmm?” Tom asked.

“Is it really that bad?” Aiden asked.

“It really is,” Tom said. “I know it’s a lot to ask, and a heavy burden, but….”

Aiden smiled and put a finger on Tom’s lips. “I wish you’d talked to me about it first.”

Tom looked at him wide-eyed and nodded. He knew he should have. “You’re not mad?”

“No,” Aiden said with a smile, hugging Tom. “Just remember I’m here for you!”

Tom laid his head on Aiden’s chest and nodded, a single tear falling to the man’s chest.

Friday came and went without much ado, and Tom took David to get fitted for his Halloween costume. On Saturday, he and David and Peter went to the movies at the mall, where they spent the rest of the afternoon picking out some casual clothes for David.

They ran into Dustin, the young clerk at Macy’s, who said to Peter, “You never called! Is this your boyfriend? No, he’s got to be your brother….”

“Yeah, sorry,” Peter said with a laugh, “but I met a guy I really like….”

“It’s cool!” Dustin smiled. “I don’t suppose little brother would be interested?”

David smiled, but shook his head. “Girlfriend….”

“It would be too good to be true,” the Dustin said, shaking his hand.

After they left, David looked at Peter. “He was cute. Why didn’t you call him?”

“I met Billy. Dustin’s cute, and nice, but he’s a little … I don’t know, for my taste. Billy’s handsome and down-to-earth and,” Peter said, searching for the word.

“Masculine?” Tom asked.

“Yeah,” Peter laughed.

David chimed in, “Peter just likes being the pretty one!”

Before heading home, they went grocery shopping for the cookout. When they got home, Tom began marinating the meat, then made dinner.

Aiden and Tom were sitting on the couch that night, Tom reading and Aiden watching the news, when David came in in his shorts and t-shirt and sat down next to Tom and put his head on the man’s shoulder. Tom wrapped his arm around the boy.

“Everything alright, buddy?” Tom asked.

“Trouble sleeping,” David said. “Nightmares….”

“Not like before?” Tom asked, concerned.

“No, real nightmares,” David answered, “about my family….”

Aiden put a hand on David’s shoulder. “We’re your family, now, bud.”

Soon David yawned and got up to go to bed. “I guess I’ll try again….”

“Night,” Aiden said, getting up himself and dragging Tom with him. “Come on, you!” The two men undressed and Aiden dragged Tom to the shower. Beneath the warm water, Aiden kissed Tom passionately, getting him all worked up. Then he washed him sensually, before allowing Tom to do the same. When they were dry, Aiden led Tom to the bed and pushed him down gently, crawling on top of him. They kissed until he felt Tom’s hard cock pressing against him.

Then Aiden reached for the clear bottle, lubed Tom’s cock and pressed his ass back onto it. Tom’s eyes widened as he looked up into Aiden’s face, contorted with concentration. They both gasped as the fat head suddenly slipped in. Aiden waited for the pain to subside, as Tom stroked his neck. Slowly, Aiden settled onto the thick pole, grimacing when he went too fast, until he felt Tom’s hairy balls against his cheeks. Then he kissed Tom.

“Are you okay, baby, it looked like you hurt yourself,” Tom asked.

“A good hurt,” Aiden said with a brittle smile. “I’m adjusting!”

Slowly, Aiden began to rock back and forth, just barely, and he started moaning with something other than pain. Then, suddenly, he lifted himself off of Tom. Rolling onto his back, he looked at Tom and said, “Make love to me.”

Tom knelt between the man’s muscular legs, lined himself up and slid in slowly. Aiden wrapped his legs around Tom to draw him in deeper. They kissed as Tom began to slowly pump Aiden’s ass. Aiden moaned into Tom’s mouth, running his hands all over Tom’s body aimlessly. “God Tom, I’ve waited for this!”

“All you had to do was ask. I love you inside me, but this is fantastic!” Tom said.

“God, Tom, you feel so good! Please, harder,” Aiden begged. Tom picked up the tempo and grinned as the obscene sound of balls slapping ass, and Aiden’s moans, filled the room.

“Do you like this?” Tom asked.

“God, yes,” Aiden cried, pulling Tom tightly to him and biting his shoulder gently.

Tom moaned then, and whispered, “You can do that harder, if you want….”

Aiden latched onto him like a vampire in heat, alternately sucking Tom’s sleek muscular shoulder and neck and biting him. He noticed that Tom really started pumping him, so he did it more and more often. Finally, Tom couldn’t hold back and blasted his hot load inside of Aiden, then pulled out and devoured Aiden’s cock, finishing him off with lightning speed.

Tom dragged Aiden to the bathroom to clean up, where he noticed his shoulder in the mirror, covered with hickies and bite marks. Aiden blushed and Tom said, “Don’t worry, all but the worst will fade away by the morning! Oh, and grab some shorts to sleep in!”

“Why? Oh….” He realized Tom was worried David might have trouble sleeping. Around three in the morning, Tom did feel a cool hand on his shoulder, so he scooted over and let David crawl in next to him. Tom could feel the boy’s tears on his shoulder, which woke him up in an instant.

“What’s wrong, David?” Tom whispered.

“I’m such a loser,” David replied.

“David! You’re a sweet young man who’s been through too much! If anything, I think you’re brave,” Tom said.

“Brave?” the boy asked

“After all you’ve been through with two very important men in your life, you trusted us enough to help you, to come here for comfort! It’s brave,” Tom explained.

David squeezed him tightly, and whispered, “I know you wouldn’t hurt me….”

“But most people in your position wouldn’t be strong enough to trust themselves! Trust me, you are no loser! I know Aiden and Peter and Catherine agree with me,” Tom said.

“Thanks, Tom,” David whispered. Tom laid awake until he felt the boy’s breathing fall into a sleeping rhythm, then went back to sleep himself. In the morning Tom woke early and, with difficulty, extricated himself from between David and Aiden without waking either of them. He grabbed his robe and walked up to his library, sitting down to work. Shortly, he heard a toilet flush and walked down in time to catch Peter going back into his room.

“Have fun last night?” From Peter’s blush, Tom knew. “Billy’s here?” Peter nodded shyly. “Peter, there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Billy is a nice guy and you’re both adults. Just….”

“Be safe,” Peter completed his sentence. “I know, thanks Tom!”

Tom put his hand on Peter’s shoulder like an older brother might, and said, “Ask him to come back for the barbecue tonight. And of course, he’s welcome to stay for breakfast.”

Peter nodded, then asked, “David had a rough time again last night?”

“Yeah, he came in and lay on the couch with us last night, then he got up and came to our room about three,” Tom reported.

“Well, at least I know why he didn’t come to my room last night,” Peter said with a grin.

“Peter, you know the reason he comes to me!” Tom said. He knows your father was afraid of me; he believes I can fight off the demon.”

“I know,” Peter said. “It’s just, you know….”

“Don’t take it to heart,” Tom said. “David loves you!”

Peter nodded and retreated to his room, revealing for a moment a naked Billy with a sheet draped over his midsection. Tom chuckled to himself, thinking that they were lucky boys. Tom crept silently into his room to put on proper clothes, given that there was a guest in the house. He found David curled up against Aiden, an arm draped over his chest. Not wanting Aiden to be surprised, Tom kissed him softly. Aiden stirred and Tom whispered, “I’m leaving you here with David.” Aiden nodded, before falling back to sleep.

Tom got a lot of work done while everyone slept. When he finally put his computer away, Tom slid his ladder around to a section with a lot of books about the history of magic. He climbed to the top and mumbled a spell that translates roughly: “Let that which is hidden be seen.” A stack of his most prized possessions glimmered into view on top of the book case. He took down an old book and laid it out on his desk, opening it to a section of arcane defensive magic. He pulled out the golden laurel crown of David’s Halloween costume. Then he stepped into his closet to fetch the appropriate oils and herbs to anoint the crown, then read the Akkadian incantations over it, the little crown glowing brighter and brighter. His concentration almost wavered as he felt someone enter the room, but he didn’t lose it. At last, the light from the crown was so intense that the metal could no longer be seen, and then the light was gone, and all that remained was the little trinket.

“What the hell was that?” Aiden asked, stepping up and kissing him on the cheek.

“A little extra protection for David for Halloween. I’m worried something will happen. Oh, did you ever hear from Reynolds about the barbecue?”

“Sure, they’re coming,” Aiden said. “So are Carl and his family.”

“Great! I’ll get everything started,” Tom said. “What time do you think you’ll get home?”

“Should be able to get away early,” he said. “Home by four?”

“Wonderful! I love you,” Tom said, wrapping his arms around his man.

Aiden sighed gently and whispered in his ear, “I love you too!”

Tom broke their hug and put his book away, muttering, “Let that which is seen be hidden once more,” and the whole pile of books shimmered into invisibility.

“You’ll never cease to amaze me,” Aiden said, as Tom climbed down. Then they made breakfast for a houseful of men. Aiden ate quickly with Tom and left in a hurry. Tom was still at the table with his coffee when David sat down, sleepily filling his plate.

“Morning, David,” Tom laughed.

“Morning, Tom,” David said groggily. “Thanks….”

“Don’t mention it,” Tom said, patting David on the shoulder. “Something to drink?”

“Orange juice, but I’ll,” David began.

“Don’t be silly. You eat, I’ll grab it,” Tom insisted.

When Tom sat the juice in front of David, he noticed that the boy had tears in his eyes again. “What’s the matter?” Tom asked, kneeling and putting a hand on his knee.

“I just … why did we have to go through so much before we found someone to take care of us? Why couldn’t you have been…?” David began.

Tom put his forehead to David’s, and laughed, “Because I was ten when you were born! But I’m proud to have you now,” he added as David squeezed him. Sitting, Tom took David’s hand. “David, I’m so proud of how well you’re doing, but I’d like you to talk to someone. I know a very nice lady in the psychology department.” David nodded, and Tom added, “You know there’s nothing wrong with you? IF you’re twenty-five and still need to come to me, that’ll be just fine!” David hugged him again, wiping his face.

Tom let him be for a bit, then suggested, “I need to go pick up a couple of tables and some folding chairs for this evening. Wanna take a ride?” Once David was ready, they set off to pick up a couple of folding tables and as many folding chairs as they could stuff in the car. When they got home, David helped Tom lug more up from the basement and wash them, before setting them up in the back yard. After Billy was gone, Peter also helped, and they were soon all ready. Around 4, Aiden returned and lit the charcoal so it would be ready. Then he helped in the kitchen, where the guys were making potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans, and Tom was preparing corn on the cob for roasting.

When their first guests arrived, all the preparations were finished, and Tom offered Carl, his wife Rosanne, and their daughter Megan drinks and showed them to the yard, where Aiden was tossing a football with David. Megan made tracks toward David and got in on the game. ‘She’ll be disappointed when Catherine shows up,’ Tom thought. “I’m Tom Corman, by the way,” he said, formally introducing himself to Rosanne.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” she said, smiling. “Anyway, what with your role in closing all those murders, you are a popular guy out our way, on the force at least.”

“Well, I’m sure it all would have come out anyway,” Tom said humbly.

“Maybe,” Carl allowed, “but the Selkin case? Nobody would have connected that!” Tom waved off the praise and they talked until the bell rang again. Aiden escorted Jim Reynolds and his wife Francine, as well as the Peabody family, to the back yard, where another round of introductions was made. Catherine quickly went to stake her territory, and show Megan that David was taken. Soon, Alasdair and Rachael, as well as the Moores, arrived, with Billy a few minutes behind. Even Felicia showed up, along with a few friends from the department, including Emily Frost and her crew. Her cute little Adam immediately took off after Aiden. Soon, though, he made his way over to Sebastien, who was sitting by himself, watching the older kids toss the ball.

“Don’t you want to play?” Adam asked.

Sebastien smiled at him and shrugged. “I’m not very good….”

“It’s still fun.” Sebastien ruffled Adam’s hair and joined in, the little boy hot on his heels.

Tom put the meat on the grill, while Aiden brought out the fixings and buns, and soon the adults were talking around the pit, smelling the meat with watering mouths. Reynolds sidled up next to Tom while the others were chatting and said, “Tom, the chief wanted me to ask if you might be able to come down to the station next week.”

Tom looked at the man with arched eyebrows. “How’s that?”

“Well, after the Dawsons, I think the chief wants you to consult for us,” Jim explained.

“I’m just a professor, Officer Reynolds,” he said with a sigh, shaking his head.

“Call me Jim,” he grunted. “But you have damn good instincts. Carl let me see the tape of you interrogating that Dawson fellow. A lot of detectives couldn’t do so well. Besides, you’ve got knowledge cops don’t,” he said, tapping his skull. Tom nodded and took a deep drink. “Good man,” Jim laughed.

“When,” Tom began to ask.

“Just come in one morning. Do you teach Tuesdays?” Jim asked.

“Nope,” Tom answered.

“Tuesday morning would be just fine,” Jim said. “The chief will definitely be in, because he has a big meeting that afternoon….”

Tom nodded, and Jim rejoined his cop buddies. Tom checked all the meat and walked over to where Sebastien was playing with Adam. “Hi, guys,” he said with a smile. “You looked like you were enjoying playing ball, Sebastien….”

“It was fun, but I lost interest,” Sebastien explained. “What with Catherine and Megan tripping over each other for David’s attention, well … not my thing….”

Tom laughed. “David tells me he asked you to go camping with us?”

“Yeah,” the boy exclaimed, brightening, “it’ll be fun! Just us guys?”

“You got it, buddy!” Tom said. “Actually, it’ll just be you, me, and David, I think….”

“Cool,” the boy grinned.

“You know, if you want to play chess some time, you’re welcome to catch a ride with David from school, with your parents’ permission, of course,” Tom offered.

“Thanks, Tom,” Sebastien said, as Adam tugged on his sleeve.

Dinner was a big hit and the adults sat around in the cooling air talking as the teens found other things to do. Tom learned a lot about Carl and Jim, as well as Aiden for that matter. Well fed, and with a few drinks under their belts, the cops naturally began to reminisce about close calls and take-downs. They were all laughing and talking, but Tom could see their wives’ faces. When Tom went to get a drink, Francine followed him.

“You know,” she said, “it really is true, what they say: Being a police officer is like being part of a brotherhood. They depend on each other.”

“I can see that,” Tom said.

“Aiden was my husband’s partner for less than two months when Jim went into a store to get some coffee. Aiden saw the guy go in after him, saw the bulge in his coat. He got out and crept to the door. The guy pulled his gun. Anyway, Jim, he backed away and put his hands out, but the guy … maybe he just wanted to kill a cop, I don’t know. Jim went for his gun, but there was no way. Aiden killed the guy. One bullet, they said. I’m thankful they’ve got each other, but every day he leaves,” she said with a sigh. “It happens to all of us eventually, the fear. If you ever need to talk, sometimes it’s easier to talk to us, the wives, you know? We’ve all been there….”

“Thank you, Francine,” Tom said. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He certainly wouldn’t tell her about any of his own close calls. “I’m certainly glad that Jim’s watching Aiden’s back.” He handed her a drink then took his own, lingering by the bar on the porch.

“What are you thinking about?” Walt asked as he returned from the men’s room.

“What a funny world we live in,” Tom smiled at the man. “It’s nice to have the house bustling. Even when it was just Jamie and me, it always seemed so full of life. I’d forgotten.”

Walt put a heavy hand on Tom’s shoulder. “Wherever he was, it was like that! Aiden’s different, but he makes you happy, and you make him happy. I’m very proud of you!”

“Thank you, Walt,” Tom said.

“David tells me you’re taking him and Sebastien camping the weekend before Thanksgiving,” Walt said.

“Yes, I thought we might go up to your cabin, if you don’t mind,” Tom said.

“I thought you might,” Walt said smiling. “You can use it whenever you like!”

“Thanks, Walt,” Tom said.

“Oh, and if Aiden isn’t taking you to the folks’ for Thanksgiving, why don’t you and the boys spend it with us? All of Jamie’s brothers will be in this year,” Walt said.

“Sounds great!” Tom replied. “Aiden hasn’t mentioned anything, so I’ll talk to him about it and let you know….”

“Good,” Walt said. “They always ask about you, you know, so, if you can, I expect you!”

Tom nodded and accompanied the man back to the group. Pretty soon, the Frosts had to leave, and Emily dragged Adam off of Sebastien. Carl and Jim left next – both had to work the next day. Both men, macho cops, gave Aiden big hugs on the way out. Alasdair and Rachael left with the Peabodys. Sebastien pulled Tom aside and gave him a hug, which shocked Tom, but he quickly returned it.

“See you soon, champ,” Tom said, ruffling the boy’s hair. After everyone was gone, Tom and Aiden, Peter and David, with Billy’s help, got everything sorted out. Peter promised that he would clean up the next day while everyone else was at work or school.

That night, in bed, Aiden said, “That was fun!”

“Mmmmhmmmm,” Tom said, rolling over and resting his head on the man’s chest. “Listen, I don’t know if you have any plans for Thanksgiving, with your family….”

Smiling and brushing the hair from Tom’s face, Aiden said, “Thanksgiving day is the only day I’m off this year, so I thought I’d spend that day with my new family!”

Tom smiled and kissed his chest. “Walt and Martha want us all to come to their place. All of Jamie’s brothers will be there. They all want to see me, and meet you.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Aiden said, kissing his head.

After a long pause, Tom asked hesitantly, “Have you told them about us, Aiden?”

“What?” Aiden asked, confused.

“Have you told your family about us?” Tom asked.

“Well, with everything going on, I haven’t really talked to them! So, no,” Aiden said. Tom rolled away, but felt Aiden’s hand on his shoulder. “It’s not because I don’t want to! Really! I just haven’t talked to them. Look!” he said, reaching for the phone.

Tom tried to grab it away, laughing, “Okay, okay, I believe you! I’m sorry I was so touchy!”

Aiden, however, laughed, and held on to the phone, speed-dialing. “Mom?” he asked, laughing as Tom finally had to stop grabbing at the phone. “Didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No,” she answered, “your father and I are just watching some TV….”

“Can you put it on speaker, there’s something I need to tell you, something I should have talked to you about a ways back,” Aiden said.

“Are you alright?” she asked, pushing the button. He set his cell to the same so Tom could hear.

“Yes, mom! By the way, dad, I had dinner with Carl tonight,” Aiden said.

“How is the old son of a bitch?” the elder O’Connel asked.

“Same as always,” Aiden said. “Been busy since we broke that serial murder case.”

“Oh, yeah?” Micky asked his son. “You were part of that?”

“Yeah, I actually filed the first search warrant against the guy, over a child abuse claim,” Aiden said somewhat proudly.

“No shit!” Micky said, a smile in his voice.

“Yeah, but a friend of mine who put it all together, told us where the bodies would be, and got the guy to confess,” Aiden explained.

“Sounds like a hell of a cop,” Micky replied.

“He’s a consultant. Actually, he’s a professor of philosophy,” Aiden said.

“Huh,” his dad replied, sounding skeptical.

“He’s an expert on the occult, so that’s how he put it together,” Aiden explained.

“So what was it you needed to tell us, honey?” his mother cut in. “Sorry dear!”

“It’s okay, mom…. You see we, I … we’re together,” Aiden said.

“You’re dating?” his mom asked.

“It’s a little more serious than that, mom,” Aiden said. “We’ve moved in together….”

“My gosh,” his mother exclaimed. “Yes, you should have called us! Well…. A professor, you said? Is he old?” Tom giggled, and she said, “Are we on speaker phone!?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Tom said. “My name is Tom Corman, and I am a professor, but I’m only almost twenty-seven.”

“How did you fellows meet?” she asked.

Tom looked to Aiden who responded, “Tom saved a young stabbing victim. Jim and I were sent to the hospital, and we got to know each other there.”

Aiden took most of the rest of the questions, and promised to email a picture to his mother soon. She also extracted a promise that they’d visit over winter break. “And dad,” Aiden said before he hung the phone up, “if you want to check him out, start with Carl?” His dad just grunted and laughed. “Love you guys,” Aiden said, hanging up. Smiling cockily at Tom, Aiden asked, “Satisfied?”

Tom shoved him playfully onto his back and straddled him. “Not yet,” Tom smiled, kissing the man forcefully. Aiden made slow, sweet love to Tom before giving him a mind-bending blow job. After sex, it took less than half a minute to finish Tom off.

Aiden then crawled up and kissed the man with a smile, asking again, “Satisfied?”

“Absolutely,” Tom grinned. “But let’s clean up…. I’m sticky!”