Devil’s Gambit

Devil's Gambit Cover

One man versus the unyielding tide of darkness. Professor Tom Corman in his quest to save his new family, and the world, will give all of himself and ask a diverse group of friends to do the same. Tom and his friends utilize their minds, bodies, magics, and their very souls to save mankind from being destroyed by a demon once banished and sealed away by his own kind. Can these brave and powerful friends save humanity and the known universe? And at what cost?


1 The Boy in the Shadows

2 This Could Be Magic

3 The Beginning of Something Good

4 Turning over a New Leaf

5 Wicked Things

6 The Past

7 Terrifying Visitations

8 Beyond the Evil

9 Moving On

10 Life

11 The Eye of the Storm

12 Outed

13 An Unclean Spirit

14 Déjà Vu

15 Critical

16 The Cavalry

17 Watching and Waiting

18 The Codex

19 Men in Black

20 Answers and Questions

21 Hell’s Divisions

22 Against the Current

23 The Enemy of My Enemy

24 Ports in a Storm

25 A Last Protest

26 Demon Trap

27 Collapse

28 Rescue

29 Abomination

30 The End Has Come

31 Dire

32 Losses


Excerpt from Book 2