17 Coming Round

Marcus smiled to himself as he heard Chris and Carl laughing as they practiced together in the yard. He was reading in the living room, when he heard someone enter the room. “Hello, Edward!”

“Hi,” the boy said with a smile.

“Bored?” Marcus asked knowingly.

“A little,” Edward admitted.

Marcus stood up and motioned for Edward to follow him. “You did extraordinarily well with potions, and I’ve got a nice introductory book that you might be interested in. Plus, I’ve got plenty of supplies….”

“Really?” Edward asked.

“You don’t have to be a wizard to be a potions master. It’s a little bit like being a chemist; you just have to understand energy reactions and follow direction well. At least until you get to that level when you invent your own,” Marcus added. “Let’s go out back and I’ll show you a few things.”

Marcus took Edward out to a quiet place and showed him how to make the three most common base potions. With these basic potions, one can create a wide variety of quick, easy-to-use makeshift potions with the addition of some key ingredients. Marcus had some extra jars, and he allowed Edward to bottle up his successful potions for later work, and helped him compile a travel kit.

When they returned to the cabin, Carl and Chris were sitting on the couch laughing and talking. “Where have you guys been?” Chris asked.

“Marcus has been helping me learn about potions,” Edward declared, tossing himself into Carl’s lap and open arms.

Carl leaned in and kissed him. “Have fun, my sweet boy?” he asked in that Irish accent that drove Edward crazy.

Edward giggled a little, and said, “I had a brilliant time!”


“Sebastian?” Spencer asked.

“Hmm?” Sebastian asked, looking up from his desk.

“Everything alright? I haven’t seen you guys around the last couple of days,” Spencer said.

“Yeah, we found James’s brother and we’re getting him and his partner moved to Virginia so we can supervise their security better,” Sebastian replied.

“So, what are YOU doing HERE?” Spencer asked, sitting down across from Sebastian.

Sebastian smiled and sat down a stack of papers. He explained the scene in Xavier’s shop and said, “I just need to cool down, or I’ll say something I’ll regret. And my regret is a terrible thing. It has an infinite shelf-life.”

“Too true,” Spencer laughed.

“So what have you been up to in our absence?” Sebastian asked.

“I hung out with Peter some, yesterday, actually,” Spencer smiled. “He’s a really nice guy. Not at all the jock he might seem.”

“Oh, he’s all jock,” Sebastian corrected, “but he is a DEEP pool….”

“Aren’t we all?” Spencer mused. Sebastian nodded. “I went over to Dean’s place last night.”

“Oh?” Sebastian asked, leaning in.

“We’re taking it very slow, but he’s been very sweet,” Spencer said. “Last night we cooked together.”

“Very nice,” Sebastian smiled.

“And tonight, he’s off, so we’re going to dinner and the movies,” Spencer added.

“Well, that sounds wonderfully normal!” Sebastian laughed.

“It is a nice diversion,” Spencer acknowledged. “Oh, by the way, Avery called about you and William missing their lesson.”

“Thanks, Spencer. I’d better call him,” Sebastian said. “And could you ask Richard to come down in a little bit?”

Picking up the phone, Sebastian dialed Avery’s private line. “Avery Salazar,” the man answered.

“Avery, it’s Sebastian,” he replied. “I’m sorry about today, but things have been so busy, happening so fast!” He quickly brought Avery up to speed on the situation and James’s brother.

“Is there anything I can do?” Avery asked immediately, putting aside his childish anger immediately upon the smell of a threat.

“Not immediately,” Sebastian responded, “but keep your eyes and ears open for any kind of threatening behavior against our little cohort, if you will? And be ready to send backup at a moment’s notice.”

“You’re really worried?” Avery said somberly.

“Someone dug deep into James’s background and without a second thought sent me a message. This person is either stupid, or crazy. But I doubt it’s the former.”

“Agreed,” Avery said. “Sebastian?”

“Hmm?” Sebastian asked.

“I AM sorry,” the man replied before hanging up. Sebastian smiled and shook his head. A few minutes later, Sebastian briefed Richard on the situation, so that he could warn their close associates of a possible threat and ask them to keep alert.


Carl and Edward left the cabin holding hands. “We’ll be back,” Carl said with a wave at Marcus. “Going for a walk!”

Marcus smiled and waved, and finished his work before heading inside. He found Chris reading at the table, but the boy smiled up at him. “Hey! How’s everything at home?”

“Nothing we need to talk about,” Marcus said with a frown. “We don’t need to be distracted.

“Like THAT isn’t a distracting comment,” Chris replied drily.

“James’s brother,” Marcus said. “James’s brother is moving to Richmond.”

“Why?” Chris asked.

“Sebastian got a photograph of him in the mail, with his face circled in red ink. So they’re moving him and his partner to Richmond. Easier to protect him,” Marcus said.

“Hmmm,” Chris thought out loud. “Any idea who was behind it?”

“None,” Marcus answered.

“Oh, well,” Chris said, getting up, “nothing to be done, I guess. Except maybe,” he said, running a hand up the front of Marcus’s shirt, “try to take out minds off of things?”

Marcus smiled and shook his head, but leaned in to kiss Chris softly on the lips. “Meet you in our room in ten minutes,” he laughed, before heading for the bathroom to freshen up. He quickly rinsed off in the shower and brushed his teeth.

In their bedroom, he found Chris stripped naked and nestled beneath the covers. Marcus finished drying off, giving the boy a nice show, before joining him. “SO what’s your plan?” Marcus asked.

“Well, if I can’t convince you to give me what I want,” he began, pausing to let the question hang in the air, “I thought we could make out and maybe jack each other off this time….”

Marcus smiled and swept the hair from the boy’s face, before rolling over on top of him and pinning him down. Kissing the boy’s neck, he smiled to hear Chris groan, as he worked his way down to the boy’s chest, flicking at his nipples with his tongue. The feeling of Chris trying to squirm beneath him drove Marcus crazy, and Chris could feel them man’s steely hardness against his thigh.

Chris grasped at the man’s muscular back, drawing him back up for an intense session of kissing. Then Chris asked, “Give me a massage?”

Marcus nodded and let Chris roll over. As he leaned forward to knead the boy’s shoulders, his cock nestled between the firm orbs of Chris’s ass. As Marcus’s full length slipped back and forth along the boy’s crack, Chris’s breathing increased as he became excited and began humping back into the man. Marcus was careful not to let Chris impale himself like he was clearly trying to do, and grabbed him by the hips, altering Chris’s timing. After a few more moments, Marcus felt his cock pulse as he shot up Chris’s back, the last shots trickling into his crack.

Chris moved to clean himself, but Marcus pinned him down and lowered his face to Chris’s ass, licking his own dripping cum from the boy’s back. At last, he cleaned Chris’s ass with his tongue, paying unnecessary attention to the tight pucker and causing Chris to buck wildly. And then he stopped and collapsed by the boy’s side.

“TEASE!” Chris growled.

“At least I didn’t trick you,” Marcus smiled.

Chris shrugged and reached out to grab Marcus’s hand. Gently, he placed the man’s hand on his cock, before pulling Marcus in for a deep kiss, tasting the man’s cum from his own mouth. He felt Marcus’s fingers close around his length and begin to move slowly, but surely. While they made out in a fiery session, Marcus edged him ever closer to bliss.

At the last minute, Chris rolled over on top of Marcus and grabbed himself, pumping three more times and coming up the man’s muscular chest. Then he made an obscene show of cleaning the man, just as the man had cleaned him.

Then, Chris curled up next to him and put his head on his shoulders. “In every way that matters, I’m all grown up,” he whispered. “I could tell you stories about the things Steve and I….”

Marcus put a finger on his lips and said, “Please, don’t…. I don’t want to think about you doing anything with anybody else. I know you have, but I don’t want to hear about it.”

“I’m sorry,” Chris said. “I was just teasing!”

“Please don’t tease about that,” Marcus said, softly.

Chris kissed him on the jaw and whispered, “I promise not to.” Then he yawned, kissed the man again, and began to drift off. Marcus looked at the young man in his arms and smiled. Chris was like a dream to him, and he was still just afraid of waking up.


James sat across from his brother and brother-in-law in the back of the car and things were pretty quiet. “So, you were dating Sebastian before … he changed you?” Josh asked at last.

“Dating would be an understatement. I was already madly, madly in love with him. And he was with me. He just couldn’t let me go, Josh,” James explained.

“I guess I understand that,” Josh said as Billy squeezed his hand. “And all these other people?”

“Last year, a situation arose that nearly destroyed the world,” James said.

Josh and Billy looked at each other, but Billy asked, “When all the weird stuff was happening in the winter and spring?”

James nodded. “Sebastian was elected high consul—head of the entire council, the whole world—during that period. We met these people in Richmond during that war. William and Chase are very special people, as are all the people around them.”

Josh nodded and asked, “Chase isn’t the same as all the rest of you, is he?”

James laughed and said, “NO! It doesn’t take a freak to figure that out, does it?”

“James, I’m sorry about before,” Josh said. “You’re not a freak!”

“I kinda am,” James said, shaking his head. Then he added with a wink, “Especially where it matters.”

When they stopped laughing, Billy asked, “What is he?”

“I can’t explain,” James said, “but when you think that Sebastian is the scariest, most powerful thing you’ll ever meet, just remember that there is Chase.”

“Really,” Josh said. “Because he’s so cute and little!”

“He is,” James nodded, “but I’ve seen demons tremble before him.”

“Demons too?” Josh asked throwing his hands up in exasperation.

“As a general rule, Josh,” James explained, “if more than a few people are afraid of it, it probably has some basis in reality. Werewolves, trolls, demons, incubi and succubae, dragons, leprechauns, dwarves, trolls, wizards, witches and warlocks. Hell, in the last year, there are only a handful of those I haven’t met. Last year we even had an outbreak of zombies.”

“God almighty,” Josh exhaled.

“And Sebastian and his people stand between that world and ours. They let people pretend that none of it’s real and sleep at night,” James said.

“So I guess Sebastian has gotten so rich because he’s been around so long,” Josh observed. “How old is he?”

“I don’t know if it’s my place to tell you,” James said, before falling silent to ask permission to speak for Sebastian.

‘Of course,’ came the silent reply. ‘He’s your brother. I love you.’

‘I love you too,’ James replied, smiling, before returning to his conversation. “He says it’s alright….”

“So do you hear each other’s thoughts all the time?” Billy asked, surprised.

“No, we don’t. We can’t hear each other’s thoughts. Think of it like mental radio,” James explained.

“Can all of you do that?” Billy asked.

“I suppose most vampires could develop the skill, but Sebastian and I have a special connection,” James answered, not explaining. “Anyway, Sebastian is over four thousand years old.”

“WHAT?” Josh coughed. “He looks sixteen, tops, and probably only that old if you know how powerful he is!”

“And he’ll look the same in another four millennia,” James said calmly. “He and I have been through hell and back. His oldest friends all say Sebastian was lost without me,” he said, placing his hand over his heart. “And the way he changed me, without drinking from me, just to save me out of love, made me different too….”

“But he’s so old!” Josh said.

Billy put a hand on his knee and snickered, “I’m betting he could still rock our worlds too! We’re living in a different world than the one we woke up in this morning, sweetheart, so cut the old-fashioned thinking!”

James smiled a thank you at the young man he was growing to like very much. “Watch him next time I kiss him, if you’re still uncomfortable,” James winked. “Now let’s go get you guys some tuxes for your introduction to Richmond-D.C. society!”

“D.C.?” Billy asked.

“Oh, yeah! Xavier used to have a gallery in D.C., and Aiden, his partner, works there still for his family firm. He’s going to be working from home more, now, but…. Anyway, a lot of their friends will be coming, and they’re important people!” James explained.

Billy shook his head. “Aiden’s family firm isn’t Phillips and Phillips?”

James nodded with a wink as he stepped out of the opening doors. “What are you getting us into, little brother?” Josh asked with a smirk as they dashed for the door of the clothier.


When they returned to meet James’s friends, Xavier opened the door and asked, “How did the shopping go?”

“Well, the tuxes will be ready by next Thursday, they promised,” James smiled, “so we’re all set on that. And I think we’ve got every real estate magazine printed in the city, so good on that count too!”

Xavier pointed to the dining room and said, “Let me get my material from when we were looking and see what we can figure out. Let’s spread out on the table!” William and Chase got up from the couch and wondered in, curious.

Though Xavier was definitely the less butch in his relationship, he was ever the soldier, so he returned with his map of the city and its surroundings to make a “battle plan.” Chase and William peered over the men’s shoulders, and James sort of smirked at his brother as he noticed Josh eyeing Chase, with a mix of the expected appreciation for the boy’s unfettered beauty and the unusual wariness of one who knows an animal is dangerous but doesn’t know it’s trained. Indeed, the closer Chase got to his shoulder, the more intense Josh’s lean towards Billy.

“Don’t be a freak,” Billy said to him with a laugh. “Personal space?”

“Do I stink?” Chase asked, smelling himself theatrically with a giggle. “Oooh, kinda! Sorry!”

Everybody laughed and Josh was fine until Chase put a hand on his shoulder, and Josh went stiff and excused himself to the restroom.

Chase left the room shortly and was waiting in the living room when Josh emerged from the bathroom. “Thanks for the ego boost,” Chase grinned.

“What?” Josh asked.

“Well I know some guys find me cute and all but it’s not every day a single touch is enough to send a grown man into spasms and off to the bathroom to clean up!” Chase teased.

“What? I … uhm, oh, no!” Josh stammered.

“Chill, Josh! I’m kidding. Let me guess: the guys were explaining who we all are, and you got the ‘Oh, Chase, he’s got the big mojo’ speech?”

Josh blushed, but nodded. “Actually, the ‘if you think Sebastian is the big news around here, think twice,’ speech.”

“That would be James, then, trying to ease your nerves about lover-boy,” Chase laughed. “Two things you should know—one is that Sebastian is really protective of all of us, but especially your brother and me, so you stepped on his big toe, but TWO, you are James’s brother, so he’d move heaven and earth to make you happy. Just give him some time.”

“Thanks,” Josh nodded. Then he stopped and asked, “But you didn’t say whether James was telling the truth.”

“Because that goes without saying, doesn’t it?” the boy smiled and put an arm around the man. “Welcome to the family!” Then he led Josh back to the dining room.

“All settled?” William asked with a cute, smirky grin.

Chase winked and said, “You want a piece now?”

Josh got a funny look and Xavier shook his head, “Josh, you’d best get used to it. They only LOOK like angelic teens!”

Chase smiled sweetly and shrugged to general laughter. Just then the doorbell rang, and Xavier ushered Sebastian in, bringing a much more somber mood with him until Chase approached him and gave him a hug, whispering, “Be nice!”

Sebastian smiled and leaned back from him. “Of course!”

Then James walked over and wrapped his arms around the smaller vampire, kissing him softly on the lips, after a wink at Josh. Even though it was a light kiss on the lips, the man could see fireworks in the ancient vampire’s face, and for a moment Sebastian was lost to this world.

Josh felt Billy squeeze his hand, and he nodded. When James broke his kiss, Sebastian smiled and said, “It must be MY lucky day.”

“But you can get that any time you want,” James grinned.

“Then I must be a very lucky guy,” Sebastian smiled, drawing him close again, squeezing him tightly. William and Chase laughed and made gagging noises.

“Get a room,” William taunted playfully.

“That IS rich, coming from YOU,” Xavier said. “Now let’s get to work! The way I see it, there are a couple of neighborhoods that will be of interest to you. One is downtown, near your offices. A lot of nice things within walking distance, in the middle of everything. Expensive to rent or buy.”

“That sounds nice, if we make enough,” Josh said, and Sebastian nodded.

“The second option is something in this neighborhood. Just a few minutes’ drive from downtown and your offices, quiet residential neighborhood. It’ll give you room to expand if you want to have kids,” Xavier said. “Great schools, too.”

“This neighborhood seems REALLY expensive,” Billy said.

“And in case you haven’t noticed, neither one of us has a child-bearing figure,” Josh added.

“It is expensive,” Xavier said, “but the property values are pretty stable. And you never know about kids. After a while, you might change your mind….”

Billy frowned and said, “It isn’t about changing our mind. Josh and I have been together for nearly eight years, and sometimes we have dreamed. But no one wants to let us adopt and a surrogate seems really risky, and the child would only legally be one of ours….”

“You’re in a new world now,” Sebastian said. “Look at these two unwed teen mothers,” he laughed, indicating Chase and William.

“You mean the baby is?” Josh asked.

“Ours. Both of ours,” William nodded. “It’s hard and expensive, but in our world, two men can have a baby, carried by a surrogate of course, but she’d have no claim on it, and she’d be too well compensated to try.”

“But you guys haven’t known each other that long, have you?” Billy asked, earning some appreciative but careful stares.

“No.” William said. “Alex is not the product of magickally assisted natural birth.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have,” Billy began.

“Don’t be silly,” Sebastian said. “Alex is a special child, one of a kind in all the history of the world, to the best of our knowledge…. But then, every child is one of a kind, I suppose,” he added with a smile.

“Maybe we SHOULD consider this neighborhood, then?” Billy said, hesitantly looking to Josh. Josh squeezed his hand and nodded.

“Excellent,” Sebastian said. “I’ll make sure you get very favorable interest rates….”

“Is there anything you can’t manage?” Billy kidded.

“YES!” Sebastian laughed. “But I do own a couple of banks….”

Xavier opened a few of the books to the small section of openings in their neighborhood, and they mapped out a series of houses to visit the next day, and then Aiden got home with some takeout, so everyone ate dinner.

After some lighter chatting, though, Sebastian said, “I suppose since you know all about us, there is no need to keep up pretenses and stay at the Jefferson. Why don’t you stay at our house tonight?”

“You have a house in Richmond?” Josh asked, confused.

“No, Massachusetts,” Sebastian laughed.

“But,” Josh started to protest.

Sebastian shook his head and said, “We’ll be there in a moment….” Everyone watched as Sebastian opened the door home and intently observed Josh’s hesitance. Chase stepped forward and gave the man a little shove, and Billy followed him through with a laugh. James and Sebastian followed, shortly.

When they were gone, Xavier looked at Chase and said, “You do good work, boy!” Chase smiled and shook his head.


After showing the men around, James led his brother and his husband to Chris’s room, where their things were waiting. “Are you guys tired? Feel free to use the game room, or watch television downstairs, or whatever. Make yourselves at home,” James smiled and went to change. It had been a long couple of days.

James decided to shower and turned the water heat way up. He lost himself as the water trickled over his muscular form, and so he jumped when he felt a small cool hand on his shoulder. “You can still sneak up on me,” James said with a smile.

“How did you know it was me?” Sebastian asked with a grin, as he pressed his body into the boy’s back.

“I can’t imagine anyone else could touch me like that,” James said, relaxing completely. He turned and pressed Sebastian against the far wall of the shower with a forceful kiss that the ancient vampire surrendered himself to absolutely. With sudden need, the two made frantic love in the shower until they challenged even Sebastian’s hot water supply.

As they dried off, James smiled and said, “I’ve missed that,” with a wink. “We’re way too busy, if we’re skipping out on that!”

“If you ever feel neglected, just unzip and I’ll make time,” Sebastian grinned. “But it’s been too long for something else, too….”

James nodded and said, “Going out, or delivery?”

“Check on your brother and Billy, and then we’ll decide,” Sebastian said.

James walked down the hall and found their room empty, so he checked the game room. “Hey guys,” he said, causing Josh to look up from the pool table and blush. Billy laughed. “WHAT guys?”

“You and Sebastian,” Billy laughed. “You’re really … intense!”

“You … heard us?” James asked, blushing.

“I’d be surprised if the neighbors didn’t hear you,” Josh said, looking up trying not to smile.

“Well, I … no one ever said anything before,” James said.

“It is your house,” Billy reassured him. “And given the residents, I’d say no one would complain….”

James blushed fiercely, and said, “Would you guys like to go out to dinner, or call for delivery?”

“Anything’s fine with us?” Josh said, nodding at Sebastian who had just walked in.

“Why don’t we go grab something terrible at the mall? Then we can kill two birds with one stone,” Sebastian suggested.

“You guys have some shopping to do,” Josh asked, but stopped seeing Sebastian’s expression.

“After a manner of speaking,” Sebastian nodded, with a glance at James.

“You’re going to hunt? In the mall?” Josh asked.

“Where did you think we did our ‘hunting,’” James asked with a laugh, “in the woods?”

“Well, I … I don’t know. It’s so public!” Josh said.

“We don’t chase them down like animals. You’re more than welcome to observe,” Sebastian said. “It may be the only way to lay your minds to rest.”

Josh looked uncomfortable but nodded his agreement. So they all got ready and took a drive down to the local mall. After they had all eaten, Sebastian waited a moment and then tried to explain as he had to James at first.

“People put on a good front, they’re excellent at deception.” He glanced around and picked out a man. “Tell me what you see when you look at him.”

“He’s a young father, looks happy,” Billy said, making James smile.

“Twice a month, when he’s supposed to be going to the Men’s League, he checks into a hotel for a couple of hours and dresses up in his wife’s underwear and does random guys,” James said nearly choking.

“But at least he wears protection,” Sebastian added. “He really does care about his wife, and he loves his children.”

“So we’re all weirdoes,” Josh said drily.

“The point is,” Sebastian paused for emphasis, “YOU never know who is who in this world. It is an unfortunate side effect of our condition that we do know! This place is full of weirdoes, as you put it, but think about it, Josh. Teens congregate here. Young women come here alone and in groups. People’s guards are down. People’s weirdness is endearing sometimes, but the cruelty, the darkness, that lurks in the shadows hunting these people isn’t us. WE hunt the predators….”

“Or give a thrill to people who want it,” James interjected.

“There is that,” Sebastian smiled. But then his smile faded. “See the guy leaning against the wall by the bathrooms?” They nodded. “He’s waiting for someone to head to the men’s room, someone weak enough to overpower, and then he’s going to rob them. He’s willing to hurt them if necessary. In fact, he has a very sharp knife in his pocket….”

“You can read his mind that clearly?” Billy asked.

“No, his mind is very unclear, but the feelings of greed and loathing help me make sense of the few thoughts I pick up. And I can see the outline of his knife in his pants,” he added with a smile. Seeing Josh cross his legs, Sebastian’s smile widened as he winked and nodded at the man. “Heightened perception can also be pleasant!”

James slapped Sebastian on the arm as Josh’s blush deepened, as Sebastian got up and walked to the bathroom, paying no attention to the man. They watched as a second later, the man followed Sebastian inside.

“Should we do something?” Josh asked.

James laughed and said, “You don’t get to be as old as Sebastian by taking chances. He’ll be fine….” And indeed, Sebastian returned about ten minutes later looking like a healthy teenager, color flushing his cheeks.

“You didn’t … kill him?” Josh asked.

Sebastian laughed. “Good Lord, no! In a mall bathroom! He’ll be along in a minute!” The man emerged looking a bit worse for wear, but with a wet spot in his pants. “As you can see, even the ones who feel pain get pleasure!”

“For those we like,” James explained, “we can control the pain levels so they are overwhelmed by the pleasure, but even when the pain is extreme, there is a bit of pleasure we simply can’t repress….”

“So he … got off on it?” Billy asked.

“Oh yeah,” Sebastian laughed. “But that’ll mess with his head next time he’s with his girlfriend….”

“Do they remember being fed upon?” Josh asked.

“He won’t,” Sebastian answered. “James?”

James looked around and said, “Do you want to see what it’s like?” he asked his brother and brother-in-law. They looked shocked for a minute, so he continued, “Maybe you would be able to look at us in a different light if you realized….”

James saw a guy from school he knew, nice enough but not close friends, and waved. They guy came over and said, “Hey, James! Where you been?”

James looked him intently in the eye and said, “Around. I got something I want to show you,” he said slowly and the boy nodded. James led him toward the bathrooms but slipped into a storage bay accessible via that hall, the boy hot on his tail. A minute later, Josh and Billy slipped in too.

James looked over the boy, who was fit but no jock, and said, “Unbutton your shirt?”

“Sure,” the boy answered in a faraway voice, and began unbuttoning his shirt until James stepped in and removed it.

“Hey, take off your pants. I always wondered…. Are you gay?” James asked as he stepped in close to the boy who dropped his pants.

“No, why?” the young man said.

“Perfect,” James said as he leaned in, his breath tickling the boy’s smooth shoulder just before he pierced the boy’s light brown skin. He smiled as he felt the boy grab at him and moan softly in pleasure. As he began to suckle gently, he could feel the boy harden against him and begin to hump his thigh, so he grabbed the boy’s cock and bit hard again, and almost instantly the boy stiffened in his arms and sighed from deep within as he unloaded in James’s hand.

James raised his hand to the boy’s mouth and said, “Go ahead, it’s okay.” Slowly, the boy licked James’s hand clean.

“No shit,” Josh said, as the boy began to dress, still in a daze. “And he won’t remember anything?”

“Nope. He’ll probably walk around with a little pep in his step for a bit, but otherwise, no. He could if I wanted him too, and we let anyone who wants to ‘give blood’ remember, but it doesn’t hurt him,” James said.

“But he wouldn’t do it if you asked,” Billy said. “At least if you asked without the weird mind-jumble.”

“Given time he would,” James nodded. “I didn’t mess with his mind, I just helped him free his mind….”

“Well, at least you aren’t hurting anybody, particularly,” Josh said, sounding relieved. “That definitely looked hot, too.”

“It was kind of … steamy,” Billy admitted. “I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you and Sebastian.”

“Totally amazing,” James smiled. “Luckily, we can still do that to each other; vampires get as much pleasure from the bite as humans.”