11 Making Magick

They walked out onto the driveway covered with packed gravel. Marcus took out three candles and sat them far apart on the gravel. “We will begin our training and testing with one of the wizard’s most basic skills—generating fire. Magick is the manipulation of natural forces and elements through ritual and other psychic means. Every tradition has its ways, and we will be working with very generic formulae that can be adapted….”

“Don’t we need, I don’t know, wands or something?” Carl asked.

“That would make this easier, and the effect more powerful, but they are unnecessary. They are tools you use to focus your power. Later on we’ll work on that. First, we need to learn to channel the power,” Marcus said. “Now, you first, Carl,” he said, summoning the big boy to his side. Marcus modeled for him the stance he needed, and once he was ready, Marcus instructed, “Concentrate on the wick. In your mind, see the fire rising up out of it, consuming it. Take your time, and just hold the image in your mind, intensifying it as you are able….” Marcus held his pose for a few minutes and began to visibly strain. Then suddenly the candle began to smoke.

Edward called out, “You’re doing it, Carl! It’s smoking!”

At the sound of the boy’s voice, Carl’s eyes snapped open, and the candle burst into a vigorous flame that immediately went out. “What was that, Marcus?”

Marcus put a hand on his shoulder and said, “You did it! You conjured fire. Not long enough to actually catch, but intense nonetheless. A very good first go!” Marcus held back his thought about the jolt of energy the boy suddenly unleashed.

“Chris? You watched. Do you need any help?”

Chris smiled and shook his head. Raising his hand and extending two fingers, he did as he had heard instructed and immediately a hot fire shot up from the candle. “NO WAY!” Carl shouted. “How did you do it so easily?”

Chris smiled. “I’ve seen William and Chase do this so much, I basically knew what to do…. Sorry!”

“He’s like a real wizard already,” Carl sort of pouted.

Marcus laughed and shook his head. “Would you like to see what a real wizard can do?” he asked with a laugh. When the boy shook his head, Marcus snapped his fingers and a pillar of controlled fire they all felt on their faces consumed the entire candle almost instantaneously.

“Oh,” Carl said, somewhat in awe.

Chris laughed, and added, “You should see what they can do with a wand or a staff!”

“This is what we’re here for, guys! We’re going to learn skills and test your native abilities, see what we need to do to train you up!” Marcus said, handing out extra candles. “Now get to work, practice! Carl, work on control, and speed. Chris, I’d like you to try generating a more powerful flame.”

The boys sat their candles up and stood a few shoulders apart, working on their technique. Gradually, each boy was improving, and Marcus gave them pointers. Occasionally, Edward would look up smiling and watch Carl’s handsome face contort with concentration.

After an hour, both Chris and Carl were exhausted, and Marcus called their activity to a halt. “Alright guys, time for a late lunch and some relaxation. We’ll have another lesson after dinner….”

As they walked back to the house, Carl said, “You know, I wouldn’t be this tired after a two-hour basketball practice!”

“Where do you think all that energy was coming from?” Marcus asked with a laugh. “You’re newbies, so you are channeling a lot of your own energy into the spells as a catalyst. As you develop, you’ll be able to do more with less energy, reaching out and drawing residual energy into your spells. For now, you’ll need healthy meals and plenty of rest, because you are pouring out energy. What you just did was like running around the gym five hundred times!”

“Oh,” Carl said, sounding surprised. Indeed, after lunch, both Chris and Carl felt like taking a nap. Edward joined Carl, lying down by him to read while the boy slept. Marcus had the evening to prepare for, so Chris went to bed alone. Marcus walked into the woods to gather what he needed for the next activity.

James knocked on the door and called, “Spencer?”

“I’m in the gym,” the young soldier called. James found him in a pair of trim shorts doing sit-ups, his chest glistening with sweat. Spencer wasn’t as muscular as Marcus, but was every bit as defined, and his current pose showed every asset.

“Looking good,” James grinned as the man finished up. James was surprised when the man blushed. “So, listen, are you going to be alright out here by yourself? Why don’t you stay in the house while the guys are gone?”

“Marcus talked to you, huh?” Spencer said, turning to adjust the weights on a machine.

“He did. Didn’t tell me what was going on, just that he was worried about you,” James answered.

Spencer smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m feeling a lot better!”

James sat down nearby and said, “I’ve missed talking to you. We haven’t really had any time to hang out since I got back.”

“Yeah, I guess a lot has been going on for both of us,” Spencer said as he sat down.

James watched silently as the man did a quick set on the chest press. “I miss feeling the strain of working out,” James mused.

“On the bright side, you are going to be muscular and beautiful forever,” Spencer laughed.

James was given pause by that comment but said, “And I get to spend forever with the man I love. Small sacrifices,” James smiled. “Come up to the house and stay? Hang out? Come on!”

“I’ll think about it,” Spencer said. As James stood to leave, Spencer called, “James?”

When James turned, Spencer lost his courage, and shook his head. “Nothing, it can wait.”

James gave him a funny look and went out to the house. Instead of joining William’s probably very tense training session, he grabbed his violin to practice. It had been a while, but he was soon where he had left off—one of the many perks of his vampiric nature. He sort of zoned out while he was playing and was startled by Sebastian’s silent arrival.

“Don’t let me interrupt,” Sebastian said softly.

James jumped a little and put the instrument in its place. “I’ve been playing a long time,” James said.

“How did your talk with Spencer go?” Sebastian asked.

“I invited him to stay in the house. He’s acting weird, I hope he comes up,” James confessed.

“Weird?” Sebastian asked, offhandedly.

“Well, first, he called me beautiful,” James said with a ‘can you believe it’ tone. “Then, he seemed like he wanted to talk to me, but he lost his nerve.”

“James,” Sebastian said, sitting down and looking at his hands. “There is a lot you don’t know about Spencer.”

James looked at him and said, “Should you be telling me this?”

“No,” Sebastian began, but James cut him off.

“Then don’t! Let him be the one to decide,” James said.

“When he does talk to you, I just want you to be prepared for where it’s going to go. I don’t want you to get hurt,” Sebastian said.

“What could he,” James began to ask but fell abruptly silent. “Oh….”

“James, I,” Sebastian began, but the big boy walked out of the room and upstairs.

Carl and Edward were sitting on the couch laughing, while Chris put together a pot of chili on the stove, when Marcus returned. “Everything ready?” Chris asked with a look.

“We just have to wait for sundown,” Marcus smiled. “Thanks for making dinner!”

“No problem,” Chris smiled back at the man, and his smile widened when he felt Marcus’s arms snake around his waist in an affectionate gesture. Chris leaned back into Marcus’ firm body and sighed a little.

They all ate quietly that night, each lost in thought. By the time they finished, the sun was setting, and Marcus pushed back from the table. “Alright, it’s time….” Silently they all got up to follow him.

Outside, they found three cauldrons, three stacks of wood, and three sheets of paper upon which were laid out some ‘ingredients.’

“Tonight,” Marcus said, “We’ll try our hand at making a simple potion. Potions rely primarily not on your magickal ability but on your ability to concentrate and follow direction. If you follow instructions carefully, your potion will work. If not, the consequences are … mildly unpredictable. So I should warn you, you will each be drinking the potion you make.” Carl and Chris looked at each other nervously, while Edward smirked. “What’s so funny, Edward?” Marcus asked. “The third cauldron is yours.” At that the boy blanched.

“But I, I don’t have any,” he began, but Marcus cut him off.

“You don’t need magick for this, just knowledge!” Marcus said.

Each of the three boys approached a set of equipment, and Marcus instructed, “Now light your fires and place your cauldron on top.” When Edward looked at him questioningly, Marcus smiled and glanced at the boy’s pile of wood, which ignited in a second. Edward shook his head and grabbed the cauldron, placing it over the fire.

Two hours later, after carefully measuring ingredients, combining and recombining, boiling and timing, the three potions were ready, and Marcus instructed each of them to take a spoon and drink one teaspoon each from their own cauldron. Chris went first, and within seconds, his skin turned bright red. “What the hell?” he exclaimed.

Marcus laughed. “Too much bark, to little eye of newt!” With a grimace, Carl downed his potion, and his form shimmered in the light of the fires. “Almost! In your case, the proportion is right, but not enough of each ingredient, or too much water….”

“What is this stuff supposed to do?” Edward asked, staring into the boiling cauldron.

“Try yours and find out,” Marcus smiled. The boy looked unsure, but drank down a spoonful of the stuff, and in a moment he was gone from sight.

“Holy shit!” Carl exclaimed. “You did it!”

“Did what?” the boy asked, before looking down at his hands to realize he was invisible. “How long?”

Marcus smiled. “A couple of hours tops. Well done! Looks like you’ll be able to assist Carl after all! Well, get some rest, you’ll have a long day tomorrow.” Chris waited outside as Marcus made no move to go inside. “I have to dispose of these potions,” he explained with an apologetic smile. Chris nodded, and Marcus added, “I’ll be in in a little bit.”

Chris headed inside and the guys looked up at him from the couch. “I think I’m going to head to bed,” he said without enthusiasm.

“He must be frustrated,” Edward said when Chris was out of earshot.

Carl just grunted to indicate he didn’t want to talk about it. “It’s sort of weird talking to you while you’re invisible, by the way….”

In his room, Chris stripped down to a pair of silk, royal blue boxers, and put his clothes away, before climbing beneath the sheets, enjoying the feeling of the cool linen on his bare skin. Then, thinking better of it, he pointed at the two candles on the dresser, and both lit immediately, causing a smile to spread on his lips.

Twenty minutes later, Chris heard the door open quietly. With his back to the door, Marcus must have assumed he was asleep. The man slipped off his shirt and pants, and pulled on a pair of linen shorts before climbing into bed.

He sighed as his body relaxed and Chris rolled over and scooted into him, placing his head on the man’s broad chest. With his other hand, he silently stroked the man’s abdomen. “That tickles,” Marcus whispered.

“I’m sorry,” Chris said with a smile.

“No you aren’t,” Marcus answered with a wry smile.

“No, I’m not!” Chris answered. “You have such a beautiful body!”

“Chris,” Marcus began, but silenced himself. After a long time, he said, “This is nice, but … you promised me some time.”

“I know,” Chris replied. “And I’ll be good, if you’ll just cut me a little slack! A little making out never killed anybody!”

“I suppose not,” Marcus said with a creeping smile, and before he knew it a lithe, smooth leg was slipping across him. Chris lay on top of the man so that their cocks were rubbing together through their underwear. Marcus closed his eyes and sighed as he felt Chris’s soft, moist lips on his neck, working their way up to his ear, before the boy sucked the lobe gently between them.

Chris whispered, “It’s even bigger than I thought,” with a little giggle as he felt the man harden beneath him.

“You’re no little fellow yourself,” Marcus responded with a laugh.

“Told you so!” Chris teased.

“You aren’t helping your case, Chris,” the man retorted.

“I could help my case, if you’d let me,” the boy giggled and nipped lightly at the man’s ear. He gasped sharply as he felt the man’s big hand on the back of his head, pulling him into the most heated, forceful kiss Chris had ever enjoyed. Marcus’s other arm wrapped around Chris’s slight frame, and, muscles rippling, he flipped the boy over.

Chris was in heaven as the heavy muscular form pressed down on him, and Marcus’s mouth explored his chest and neck. For his part, Marcus was spurred on by the feeling of Chris’s fingers grabbing at his back and ass.

At last, however, the man felt like they were losing control of the situation and pulled back. “Let’s cool off,” he whispered to the boy who fell limp with disappointment. Chris scooted over to his side of the bed and fished his hard member out of his boxers and began to stroke himself. “What are you doing?” Marcus asked, eyes wide and unable to move from the boy’s smooth form as he worked himself intently.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’ve got to sleep!” He smiled at the dreamy look on Marcus’s face, as the man was clearly unable to tear his eyes away. “Why don’t you take care of yourself? If we can’t do anything, there’s nothing says we can’t watch each other!”

Never tearing his eyes away from the boy, Marcus nodded and pulled down his shorts and tossed them into the floor, before opening the fly of his boxers and fishing out a sizable cock and beginning to stroke it.

Now Chris’s attention was completely focused on his partner. He was so excited, he quickly reached his climax, cleaning himself off with his shorts and sliding over next to Marcus, so their legs touched. He felt the man’s firm, hairy leg press back into him as the man arched his back.

Chris leaned in and kissed the man, at which point, Marcus ejaculated up his chest, the second spurt hitting Chris on the cheek. Without a thought, the boy wiped his cheek with a finger and stuck it in his mouth, while Marcus watched with interest.

“Mmmm,” the boy said, arching his eyebrows, and Marcus pulled him in for another passionate kiss, extremely excited to taste his own semen in the teen’s mouth. Then, Chris cleaned the man with his own shorts and tossed them away, curling up into Marcus’s hard body completely nude.

Marcus tucked himself into his boxers and put his arm around Chris, who was already nodding off, and put out the lights. He had to throw back the covers because of their shared warmth, leaving only the sheets to cover them. Marcus watched the boy’s chest rise and fall until he drifted into a deep and peaceful sleep of his own.