Untitled - potential title, Domus Maleficii

A new story that Jay is working on.  It is only available to registered users.  This story unfolds somewhat slowly as a love story between a young professor and a student, but will become a supernatural mystery as it develops.  There's an old house built by a naughty spiritualist in the 1800's.  Good fun to come....


Currently I'm thinking a good title might be Domus Maleficii.  

Domus is latin for house/dwelling, while maleficium has a variety of meanings, many of which have a bearing in this story.

maleficium (genitive maleficii); nsecond declension

  1. crimemisdeedoffence
  2. injuryhurtwrong
  3. frauddeception

In later Latin, maleficium also means witchcraft/sorcery.

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