The stories listed here are of an adult nature and may contain portrayals of a sexual nature.  If you are under age or reside in an area where it is not legal for you to read literature of this nature - go no farther.  Hit the back button and leave the site.


For everyone else.. enjoy

  • A Light in the Darkness - Book II

    Registered, logged-in users currently can access chapters through 30.
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  • A Light in the Darkness - Book I

    Due to the entertwined nature of "A Light in the Darkness Book I" and "Things that go Bump" we have combined both stories into this one section - in the correct reading order.
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  • The Devil's Gambit

    Registered, logged-in users can now access chapters through 27.
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  • Untitled - potential title, Domus Maleficii

    A new story that Jay is working on.  It is only available to registered users.  This story unfolds somewhat slowly as a love story between a young professor and a student, but will become a supernatural mystery as it develops.  There's an old house built by a naughty spiritualist in the 1800's.  Good fun to come....


    Currently I'm thinking a good title might be Domus Maleficii.  

    Domus is latin for house/dwelling, while maleficium has a variety of meanings, many of which have a bearing in this story.

    maleficium (genitive maleficii); nsecond declension

    1. crimemisdeedoffence
    2. injuryhurtwrong
    3. frauddeception

    In later Latin, maleficium also means witchcraft/sorcery.

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  • Feels Like Falling

    A totally new, non-supernatural story that Jay will be writiing LIVE online.  What does this mean?  I'm not writing and editing.  As the story comes to me I write it straight to the net.  These chapters are unedited until I prepare them to upload to NIFTY and/or other sites, so feel free to point out typos, etc.

    Updates can be a line or two at a time, or an entire chapter.  Just depends on what I feel like writing.

    Current chapter in process: 34.  Chapters up to and including this chapter are available to registered users who are logged in.

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