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UPDATE: From Jay Gordon

Chapter 31 is out, and it formally concludes Book II.



Just to be an ass...  Jay made mention that he may post another chapter of Light Book 2 shortly after the new site went up.  Guess what... it's up.  So, to you Light/Bump fans, email him or post in the forums and pester him to post it!


That is all,


Terry aka The Resident Asshole


POST Upgrade Update:

The majority of the upgrade process is complete.  We still have some glitches to fix, such as the Weblinks, and we'll be moving around some of the content over the next few days.  Please be sure to post in the forum with any issues, thoughts, or suggestions!


UPDATE: I'm very excited about Terry's update of the site to be unveiled soon. It'll look a little different and I hope you'll like it as much as I do. Stay tuned!  Jay Gordon



Hi Folks,


Just to give an update:


Jay has, once again, fallen victim to the writing bug.  I can personally attest that he's been cranking out a LOT of chapters of current, and NEW, stories.


Expect to see "Feels Like Falling" updates very soon.  A new chapter of "The Devil's Gambit" will also be posted soon.  I've also pre-read several chapters of a new "A Light in the Darkness" spinoff that Jay assures me that he'll be posting in the near term.


Keep checking back for updates, and if you're a registered member you'll receive an email when new content is available!


Thx much,


Terry aka The Resident Asshole




Alright, you all will have noticed I finished a chapter of Feels Like Falling at long last, and the new one hasn't progressed very fast!  But for a good reason.  I have prepared a manuscript of Light and Things That Go Bump -- A Light in the Darkness volume 1 -- which folds the two stories together, eliminating the repetition and smoothing out the transitions.  This one volume will be available in both print (within a few weeks) and in Amazon Kindle format.  The site will remain free and the chapters will remain up, but if you want a convenient kindle or print version, or would just like to support my writing, I hope you'll enjoy these new formats. And even if you don't buy, you can still write me a nice review on the product pages or suggest the book to friends ;)


BTW if you are Amazon Prime members you can borrow the book from their lending library for free and I get paid!


The Kindle is available, at:

The paperback is available at:

It will eventually be available at Amazon as well, but CreateSpace offers better terms for the author (ie. me).  I have also ordered a few extra copies for special requests, so email me about those.

Live Online Radio Q/A Session

The Show is complete and a recording can be found in the forums.


Jay will be participating in a live, online radio question and answer session on Sunday, July 24th at 5PM EDT (US)!  Please take the time to join us for the radio program.  We will provide connection information as the date gets nearer.


We would also like community members to submit questions that they'd like to have Jay answer on the forum topic posted HERE.  Jay will also be taking questions from Chat Room users during the broadcast.


You can listen to the online radio broadcast by either clicking (and click the listen link at the top) or by opening that URL in your favorite media player. The radio stream is known to work with VLC/Videolan, Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer and several other players. Feel free to ask for help in the chat room if you have issues.


We will likely be broadcasting music tonight (after 8pm EDT) if you would like to give the radio a test. You'll also likely hear Jay's radio spot sometime (or times) during the broadcast.

2000+ and Going Strong

Hi all!


Just to let the readers know - the website now has well over 2000+ registered users.  This, in well less than a year, is more than I think most of us expected.  I tend to believe that Jay is, alternately, jumping for joy and pulling his hair out.

Please keep in mind that Jay is the mind, and heart, behind all of the stories posted here.  Jay writes the stories based on a general concept as to where the story should go - but he then uses a large amount of artistic license in determining the final path that each story takes.  There will be lulls where very little is updated.  There will also be rushes when Jay may update several stories in a very short time-span.

Jay is a human being.  He has a life outside of writing for us.  Please bear with him if your favorite story isn't being updated quickly enough - next month it's possible he may update it a bunch of times if the inspiration is there.

One of the things that I've noticed in regards to Jay is that he feels that he doesn't get nearly as much feedback regarding his stories as he used to.  A lot of this is probably due to the "public" nature of posting feedback on the forums and website.  Jay loves hearing from his readers - hell, all authors do!  If you don't feel comfortable providing feedback on the forums then PLEASE mail Jay directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !





Guys, and gals, just a reminder that this site is free.  No reason for you NOT to register and see the latest content and be involved in the chat and forum discussions.  There is also story content that is NOT available to unregistered members!


Yeah, you have to give us an email address.. but, the worst you'll get from that is mail updating you with Jay's latest story posts.  Jay is a regular in our forums and the chat room.  You may get some insight into the inner workings of his devious mind.

So click on "Join the Community" at the top and come have fun!

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