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My Guest Blog Entry on Brandon Shire's Website

Recently, author Brandon Shire invited me to write a guest post on his blog about my favorite book I've worked on. I hope you guys enjoy it:

"My favorite book? Easy answer: The Lord of the Flies. Sometimes. Regularly, The Master and Margarita supplants it. Except of course when I’ve recently read The Human Comedy. Of course, The Divine Comedy is actually my favorite. So long as we’re speaking of literature proper and not my great love, philosophy.

Much harder than this would be to answer the question, “Which of my own works is my favorite?” The answer to this question should be relatively straightforward, as I’ve published only one volume, the first in a series, A Light in the Darkness: Things that Go Bump. But things aren’t quite so simple...." continued at Brandon Shire's blog!

Veronica Bates' Howling Moonlight series REVIEW BY JAY GORDON


If there is anyone who knows hhow hard it is to write a decent supernatural story, it's me. I've written enough of them that I've discarded or put aside. They're easier to judge than they are to write! Veronica Bates' story series, sold on Amazon, so far includes "In the Moonlight" and "Hear Me Howl."



I'm going to keep this review brief, and begin with the things about these stories which I find difficult. The writing in the stories is a bit cliche and sometimes the word choice just stands out and demands, "Really?" Particularly in the first story, the character development is light, in the sense we know little about our characters and what motivates them. I wonder why so many characters are introduced, only to be immediately forgotten as we maintain our single-minded focus on the central. We also know next to nothing about what will drive the action as the story progresses.

Perhaps part of this is explained by the fact that these stories ARE mostly vehicles for some non-vanilla scenarios of steamy M/M SEX. One senses that a story is developing, but there is a everpresent drive to move us to the next scene of big-dicked invasion of the main character's tight ass by a hot werewolf that simply can't be delayed too long. So if what you're looking for is some nice descriptions of throwing down in the bedroom between two hotties, one of whom smells like dog, this might be right up your alley. So to speak.



Dear (cringe) Dudes and Dudettes,

When you visit, check out our forums! Of particular interest is Terry's new poll at:


Help me figure out where to focus my attention next!

Jay G

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