GUEST BOOK REVIEW - Edward reviews "The Shadow in the Night"

Dear Readers, It's time for our third guest review, this time by Edward, user name Phoenix1977.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a new story on, called "The Shadow in the Night" by RobsWriting. After reading a couple of paragraphs I was hooked and am waiting on a daily basis to see the new chapter being published.


The story is about a wizard, called Milo Underwood, and his friend Julian (also a wizard). The story opens with Milo being a little annoyed with Julian as his friend brought a trick with him to Milo's cottage and makes so much noise with young Liam (the trick's name), making it impossible for Milo to concentrate on the book he's reading so he uses his magic to speed up the sexual activity between the two men. And from there their future's are taking a turn for the worst.

Milo is being recruited back into the IPI (Institute for Paranormal Investigation) because of several reports concerning Hell Hounds on the lose. Unfortunately, the person delivering the message isn't too fond of either Milo or Julian so when he discovers poor Liam, a non-magical person, he decides to make an example out of the poor boy, forcing Milo to do the only thing he can think of to protect him: to take him on as his apprentice and recruiting him into his team to investigate the Hell Hound attacks. Of course a lot more happens, but that would spoil the story.


Rob is clearly an artist with words. He's able to paint a very clear picture how he thinks magic works and how the magical and non-magical community coexist. His view on both communities is one of respect, although not everyone shares that respect, and reminds us a little of the Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling. However, all similarities end there since Rob's world is most definately an adult one, even though Liam has a lot to learn about magic. As said before, there is some sexual activity in it but it's most definately not pornographic. More a slight erotic feeling, based on innuendo and after-images. There's also a lot of humour in the story but it's the typical British dry humour which is quite logical since Rob is British and lives in London, UK.

For several of the non-European readers this might also be a slight turn-off. Although a short trip to the USA is made the story is very UK-based, which is mostly noticeable because tea seems to be the answers to most, if not all, problems.


As I'm writing this review there is some good and some bad news to tell about this story. The bad news is the story will be completed in 6 more chapters. The good news is Rob's working on a sequal already. The story can be found at: Enjoy



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