GUEST BOOK REVIEW - Stephen reviews the "Darkness" series


Dear Readers, It's time for our second guest review, this time of a work more similar to the original works on this site, A Light in the Darkness and Devil's Gambit! This newest entry, by guest reviewer Stephen, is about Richard Garcia's "Darkness" series at NIFTY, which so far includes "Darkness Dwindles," "Darkness Calls," and "Darkness Evolves." Enjoy -- Jay G.
In Richard Garcia's Darkness series, we find what at first appears to be a simple, mundane werewolf tale, however well written and with a singularly detached, flat ironic flavor. The tale centers around Joseph and Daniel Miltzer, two half brothers. They are the sons of a gifted theoretical mathematician and two different mothers. Daniel, the elder brother, has as a mother a wealthy, entitled California socialite. Her love is peripheral, at best motivated by money and connections. Joey’s mother was the heir to a powerful line of witches, and she died tragically when he was young. She was killed, it seems, in part because she had a son, –not a thing to have in that strictly matriarchal family.
Joey is special. He is the only male born into the Estrella family in memory. From the outset of the story he comes across as a rather shy, listless, fey little character, far overshadowed by his older, dynamic brother. But it seems that he has suffered from a form of arrested development brought on by demonic possession. It’s been going on for years, and the only reason he’s even alive is because he’s terribly, awfully powerful. And a threat, –to everyone, even the incubus. Well, then one night, Daniel is attacked in the woods...&ct. But that’s not really the issue.
What's driving the intrigue is that the Miltzer boys' father was working on a formulaic equation that would define the ending of the diminishing force of Darkness in the universe, and predict it’s cataclysmic rebirth. The equation is cosmically vital, as is Joey. As to defining what the threat involves, –that’s a whole can of worms with this story. The threat is universal, and where do you start with that?
The story was last updated on November 20th last year. It’s worth reading, if you like that sort of thing! It's a very cool story, and I hope Richard continues it. He has a unique gift!
     --a review by Stephen

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